Portugese, English, French
3 months
Paid by host:

La Junqueira covers travel expenses and accommodation of the artist or curator and publishes a catalogue. La Junqueira Residency provides the artist or curator with a budget of 2000 Euros. This budget can be used during the residency either for the production costs or for a short film about the creative process. The resident artist will have access to the following items free of charge:

  • Back and forth ticket plane or train to Lisbon
  • Monthly allowance of Euros 300
  • Two work studios
  • WiFi connection
  • Bedding and towels
  • Washing machine
  • Weekly cleaning service
Paid by artist:

The Association does not finance:

  • Cost of transporting the artist's material and/or works
  • Civil and health insurance policies (Portuguese and European residents must submit a copy of their health insurance card before entering the residence)
  • Any food, transport or personal expenses
  • Any expenses incurred in creating works
Application guidelines:

The project and the previous work of the candidate for the Artist's Residency must be described in the La Junqueira Residency application form with a detailed CV, a PDF document of two (2) to ten (10) pages maximum, written in French, Portuguese or English, explaining and illustrating the past work, the topics covered and if possible the nature of the work that the candidate wishes to achieve during his stay at the residence.

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La Junqueira Residency is an artist residency, a place for production, dissemination and promotion of art. It aims to promote the artistic expression through the immersion of Portuguese and international artists in the (re)discovery and enhancement of the city of Lisbon in all its aspects: cultural, architectural, historical, sociological. The residency is also open to curators wishing to stay in Lisbon for their research and productions related to the city.

La Junqueira Residency is a place where residents have space and time to fully devote themselves to their artistic creations. Each resident can freely develop his or her experimentations and professional network in an open context of communication and exchange. La Junqueira Residency emphasizes interaction with international artworld and develops socio-cultural links to facilitate the implementation of new artistic projects and offers residents a value to their work. The residency welcomes two residents per year for a stay of three months maximum each. The residencies start in March and September.


In order to promote the resident's visibility and spreading of the works, in agreement with the resident, La Junqueira Residency organizes studio visits by professional actors from the Portuguese and international artworld, workshops with the inhabitants of the district and also convivial exchange events. At the end of their stay, each resident is invited to donate an artwork that will integrate La Junqueira Residency's collection dedicated to the theme of Lisbon.
La Junqueira Residency will also organize within the premises, an exhibition that will allow a large audience to discover the works produced.

Studio Information

The residents also have an atelier at 10 min. walking distance from the main house that they can occupy at their convenience. It is a space of 100m2 with easy access for large works.

Accommodation Information

Artists and curators are housed in the founder's mansion and have at their disposal 21m2 equipped living space (with kitchen and private bathroom) and 70m2 workshop.

Technical Information
  • library with many reference books
  • garden
  • scooter
  • Crafter Volkswagen truck
Contact information

rua da junqueira 286
1300 340 Lisbon

contact [at]