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From 1 week to several months (negotiable)
Paid by host:

They don't offer grants. Residents can stay for free. The organizers offer catering within the working hours of the artwork place (breakfast, coffee/water and lunch during the week). Lunch takes the resident together with the artists from De Zandberg. The resident can use the available basic material, and also the resident can use the van or use public transport (railpass).

Paid by artist:

The resident pays his/hers travel costs to and from the residence. Dinner is not provided, but the resident can use the extensive kitchen for free. Costs can also arise from material that the resident wants to use. That is negotiable on the basis of the application form.

Application guidelines:

There is no fee for applying. Please send your proposal to [email protected], and mention whether you are applying for 2018 or 2019 residence. Include the following documents:

  • Proposal (max. 2 A4): In the proposal answer these questions: What is the proposal (description, objectives, working method, finality)? When and for how long you want to come? What are the (technical) needs?
  • CV and information about your work  
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Kunstwerkplaats De Zandberg

Kunstwerkplaats De Zandberg


The mission of the artwork place is to support artists with a mental disability, on a daily basis, in making their own specific work/oeuvre. This support is individual, tailored to the artist and focused on development. Social and artistic recognition of their work and artistry is an important motive for De Zandberg. The artwork site therefore seeks collaborations with artists and organisations, locally and internationally.

AIR-Zandberg is a new residence for professional artists. The residence is located in artwork place De Zandberg in Harelbeke, Belgium. De Zandberg is part of a welfare organisation. Every day about twenty artists with a disability are coming to work in De Zandberg. Residents are given the opportunity to live and work in this special place.
AIR-Zandberg offers opportunities to contemporary artists to develop their work in relation to the specific context. Residents also make an important and particular contribution by breaking open the boundaries between society/art world and the artwork place.


There are no explicit requirements or expectations. The organizers assume the presence and work of the resident will undoubtedly offer dynamism, questions and comments and opportunities. It is up to the resident to submit his/hers own proposal. The artist can also join current projects (in 2018-2019 they are preparing 'Mestieri', a project in which artists interpret some old crafts and craftmanship) or propose a collaboration with an artist or the artwork place. They do expect the resident to interact with the artists of De Zandberg. This is also inevitable. for example, at noon everyone eats together.

Studio Information

The studio space offers a lot of natural light. The space can be heated and ventilated. It offers privacy and can be closed. At the same time, the studio is close to the rest of the activities in De Zandberg. Material can be stored in the studio, internet is provided. The resident (upon agreement) can also work partly in other places in the building.

Accommodation Information

One room (first floor), divided into a workplace (6m x 4,8m) and a place to sleep (2,2m x 4,5m). There is also a shower room and an extensive kitchen (ground floor). The sleeping place offers sleepng accomodation for two people (bunk bed).

Technical Information

There is basic material available to paint, draw, work with ceramics and to make textile objects or clothing (they have their own fashion label, Amili Haha, since 2017). There is also a printer, computers, good camera and a van.


Located in Harelbeke, a small town (27,500 inhabitants) near the French border. They work in a highly urbanized environment. Cities such as Kortrijk, Ghen) (50km) and Lille (30km, France) are very close and easily accessible.
AIR-Zandberg is located in an old school building. The building includes studio spaces, a large space to exhibit or work, an place to rent art and a garden.

Contact information

Julius Sabbestraat 45
8530 Harelbeke

zandberg [at]