3 months (Foreign Artist Residency Program)
Paid by artist:

Each residency program costs differently:

  1. Foreign Artist Residency: US$ 425 for a total period of 3 months
  2. For Studio on Fees & Summer Residency programs, please contact [email protected]
Application guidelines:

To apply the residency programs, please download applications from their website and send back to the host via regular mail.

Address: Anil Majmudar (Studio Coordinator), The Kanoria Centre for Arts
KL Campus, University Road
Navrangpura, Ahmedabad
Gujarat 380009, India

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Kanoria Centre for Arts

Kanoria Centre for Arts

Artists Residency Programme

It was decided to make the Centre a catalytic agent for both institutions and students. Providing them with tools, and access to an environment that would foster the germination of ideas. An environment dedicated to removing as many obstacles as it can from the path of the proverbial 'struggling artist'. Snuggling in a nest of foliage, the Kanoria Institute houses studios, lecture rooms or workshop spaces, a library, a main administrative centre and residential spaces.

The Artists Residency Programme is designed to provide exposure and a working environment for artists that have a Bachelors or Masters in Fine Arts. It is open to national and international artists in the departments of printmaking, painting and sculpture.

There are four different residency programs:

  1. Foreign Artist Residency: applications are accepted all year round and one studio space will always be available. Fees for this residency are US$ 425 for a total period of 3 months. The artist is required to provide one piece of artwork of their choice to KCA for artist documentation purposes.
  2. Fellowship: this programme is for a minimum of 1 year where artists will undergo an assessment after the first year. A successful review will determine their continuation on the programme for the following year. It is at the discretion of KCA to offer a 2nd year Fellowship to the artists who have completed the 1st year - subject to review and re-application by the artist.
  3. Studio on Fees: This programme is for a minimum of 3 months and maximum 2 years. Any individual from an artistic or creative field may apply e.g. artists, architects, designers, writers etc.
  4. Summer Residnecy: During the summer months of May and June all the studios in any of the departments are available for rent.

"Been everywhere, seen everything": Rolina Nell tells about her experiences in residence, among which a one month stay at Kanoria institute in 2007. Read her report here.

Studio Information

There are 19 studios in total, 11 in painting, 5 in printmaking and 3 in sculpture. Details can be read here.

Technical Information

The Sculpture department is well equipped so as to enable work in stone carving, metal casting, wood, terracotta and plaster. The print making department houses Lithography Press, Etching, Woodcut and Screen Printing facilities. The painting studios are adequately furnished as it also has a library and an archive of visual material.


Kanoria's fortunate location in Ahmedabad allows easy accessibility to India's major art centre - Baroda, and accessibility to Mumbai and Delhi where art dealers are based.

Contact information

KL Campus, CEPT,
Opp Gujarat University Building
Navrangpura, Ahmedabad 380009

kanoriastudios [at]