English and Chinese, bit Korean, Japanese, Spanish, French
1 to 3 months
Paid by host:

Supported residencies come with a campus meals card, raw materials, and some technical and logistical support.

Paid by artist:

Scenarios for artists who are not awarded grants, or hold their own grants will need to pay a basic fee. Artists who wish to accomplish large and ambitious project requiring extensive support should arrange outside funding.

Application guidelines:

Include 5-10 images in a Zip.file and email them together with the application form to [email protected]

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International Studio | Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute

International Studio | Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute

International Research Residency

The International Ceramic Residency is a non-profit program located on the campus of Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute in the historical porcelain capital city of Jingdezhen. As the University with the largest emphasis on ceramics in China, JCI maintains a program to host and support notable artists and academics from around the world to conduct artistic and materials based research, and complete special projects in studio space designed for visiting artists to work privately with other artists and select students whom can assist artist projects and research.
This residency program is intended to expand and diversify opportunities for artists to encounter contemporary ceramic sculpture, painting practices, and also the traditional skills of Jingdezhen. The International Ceramic Residency at Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute welcomes artists from the ceramic discipline and the wider contemporary visual art practice. The residencies at Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute are intended for both established and emerging artists from around the world.

JCI Hosts artist in three categories:

  • Special projects: Each year JCI will invite selected artists or award selected artists funding who display outstanding research proposals and projects which contribute to the enhancement of the campus and University educational experience. (Outdoor/ Architectural Projects, Classroom instruction etc.). JCI will also sponsor the residency, accommodation, and materials according to proposals. JCI requests a public lecture and a series of artwork to be donated to the JCI Museum or Campus.
  • Professional Visiting Artist: Each year JCI will invite select artists, or award to applying artists : a 1-3 month residency invitation for artists interested in researching local materials and methods and contributing a portion of their works to the University for public collection and display. Funding includes: Studio, Technical Materials Advice, Logistical Support, Accommodations, Basic Raw-Materials, Workshop and Public Lecture Opportunities. Minimum requirements 3-10 yrs professional experience in the ceramic art. JCI requests a series of artwork to be donated to the JCI museum or Campus.
  • Independent studio: For artists holding project grants or independently seeking a platform to research and create works for personal reasons or projects unaffiliated with Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute. Expenses are to be paid by the artists. A basic fee for use of studio, raw materials, and accommodations will be charged. Support for technical and logistical support can be arranged both on campus and within larger environ of Jingdezhen. All costs will vary depending on the project requirements of each artist technical needs. The residency can be scheduled anytime of the year up to 3 months in length, based on availability and interest of the University.
  • Academic Residencies: The JCI international studio welcomes proposals for faculty led academic group residencies for both teachers and students. Costs are dependent on program needs and logistics.

Various: Artists lectures, artwork donation for the campus' permanent collection.

Studio Information

The Studio holds: Two gas fired kilns 1 cm3 and 2.2 cm3, 3 electric kilns, Shimpo pottery wheels, Pug-mills, Pneumatic Extruder, Slip casting equipment and a range of other equipments essential to standard ceramic processes. The university holds a wider variety of equipment and resources from kilns to plaster carving facilities. Immediately outside the campus are plaster mold technicians and other standard Jingdezhen technicians are within reach.

Accommodation Information

Furnishing apartments for artists with A/C, kitchen, full access to campus dining facilities. Academic groups and families can be accomodated.

Contact information

Xianghu Town, Jingdezhen Ceramic University
Jingdezhen Fuliang County
36, 333403

jci-ceramics [at]