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From 3 to 6 months (shorter residencies can be discussed on
Paid by artist:

Own maintenance, travel, visa, insurance and materials needed for work and final exhibition.

Application guidelines:

The residents are selected under the suggestion of MPRA Partner Organisations and members of MPRA Advisory Board.

Recommendations of international artists for the programme from individuals, institutions, galleries, publishing companies and other bodies active in the art scene are welcome. A recommendation demands that a contact to the international artist is established beforehand in order to verify if the artist is interested and if s/he has the practical possibility to take part in the residency.

Please check the website for upcoming deadlines.

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International Artist in Residence Programme (MPRA)

International Artist in Residence Programme (MPRA)


International Artist in Residence Programme (MPRA) aims to facilitate dialogue, exchange of experience and skills across not only geographical or ethnic boundaries but also transgressing boundaries of various disciplines of art, culture and science. This program allows cross-border collaboration of artists with other artists, cultural workers and scientists from many countries, contribute to the overthrow of the many myths, spread understanding and, in long term development, effects in many innovative projects equally in the field of arts and science.

MPRA grew out of experiences of the Parallax Venice – an international organization of artists, curators, managers, and educators from around the world created during 53rd Venice Biennale. Exchange of ideas and experience between members of Parallax resulted in a unique artistic and educational programme.
The programme aims to intensify cooperation between artists, curators, educators and managers of culture and other professionals from the world of arts and science at the international level.

MPRA liaises with local organisations in creating conditions for creative collaboration, exchange of ideas and opportunity to share skills both through formal education – organized lectures, seminars, workshops as well as via less formal activities – assisting residents in establishing contacts with local representatives of the world of art and science, and offering direct cultural experience of the place and culture.

MPRA promotes and deepens artistic education by offering local residents possibility of direct experience of international contemporary art and culture, cooperation with artists, scientists and educators from many countries, and supporting collaboration between representatives of art, science and business.

  1. Resident is working on the project specified in the proposal sent to and accepted by MPRA
  2. At least once a week Resident publishes something on the MPRA blog
  3. Resident conveys a lecture/presentation/take part in a Crit. session (details to be discussed)
  4. Resident leads a workshop for children/teenagers/adults (details to be discussed)
  5. Resident is present to answer questions from the public during an ‘Open Studio Day’ or during a ‘In Conversation’ event.
  6. Resident provide MPRA Publishing Coordinator with relevant materials for an MPRA annual catalogue

Poznań, Poland

Poznan is situated 3 hours from Berlin or Warsaw, 5 hours from Cracow and 8 from Prague (by train or car).

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