English / Spanish
2 to 4 months
Paid by host:

Covering the 50% of the residence costs.

  • Publicity, prints, catering and drinks for the open studio, and exhibition.
  • Publicity, poster, meal and transport for lectures at the Art Faculty.
  • Tutoring at the studio during the residency
  • Shared tools and personal bike
  • WIFI at the atelier & house
Paid by artist:
  • 500€ monthly. (Covering the 50% of the residence cost)
  • Production cost and materials
  • Life expenses (food, travel and transport and medical insurance)
Application guidelines:

Artists working in any discipline are welcome to apply. Jury selection made ​​by artists of Intercambiador, university staff and exhibition space curator. The selected artist will receive the AIR PROGRAM´s contract, the official invitation letter and the Welcome letter which you could use to search your own funding.

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Intercambiador Acart

Intercambiador Acart


Intercambiador ACART is a cultural association based in Madrid which organizes an international Artist-In-Residence program and exchanges between Spanish and foreign artists, including open studio presentations, lectures and exhibitions. This bilateral residence program focuses on the active practice of the artists. The association was founded and is coordinated by an artist-collective, with the goal to increase the resources for artistic practice and to establish international relations with other artists and associations. Intercambiador is establishing working channels with foreign cultural initiatives, and at the same time continuing and developing the residence program in Madrid.

Intercambiador is looking for artists (born, living and working outside of Spain) interested in working in a shared studio space in Madrid, and living in a shared artist-house for 2-4 months during various periods of the year. The goal is to integrate and promote the artist within Madrid’s art-scene.

  • The artist will have a concerted views in Madrid to professional artists, designers, curators and other cultural associations and ateliers
  • The artist will participate during the meeting: Encuentro Intercambiador, with selected artists invited from Intercambiador.
  • The artist will give a lecture to the Art Faculty CES FELIPE II, Aranjuez.
  • The artist will present his or her work in an exhibition in Espacio Trapézio or Quinta del Sordo, Madrid.
  • The artist will make an interview for the TAP Magazine
Studio Information

Studio available for painting, sculpture, photograpy, design and video, shared with ten Spanish artists.

Accommodation Information

The four bedrooms flat is equipped with the basics including an internet connection, kitchen, two bathrooms and living room.

Contact information

C/Antonio Moreno 21
28025 Madrid M

intercambiador.acart [at]