English, Danish, Portuguese
6 months, in two 3 month periods (Aug-Oct, March-May)
Paid by host:

The residency covers the cost of accommodation and will supply organic vegetables.

Paid by artist:

Travel to Denmark for a symposium in June, travel to Portugal.

Application guidelines:

Submit your application consisting of one single PDF document with a size no bigger than 20MB to [email protected]:

  • Artist biography (300 word limit) + contact info
  • Project statement explaining the work(s) you have submitted (300 word limit per project)
  • Motivation Letter (500 word limit)
  • Examples of work:
  • Photography 15- ­25 images (no more than 2 projects)
  • Link to Film/Video work (no more than 3 projects. Maximum duration is 30 minutes combined)
  • Other Media (no more than 3 projects. Maximum of 5 documentation images of each project)
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The Independent AIR

The Independent AIR

A European art laboratory

In 2016 & 2017 The Independent AIR’s residency will be a working european art laboratory taking place in the north of Portugal. For the duration of 6 months in total (one period of three months in 2016 and in 2017) a group of 5 emerging photographers/lens based artists will live together, discuss and inspire each other to work under the theme of Human Ecology // Images in the Anthropocene.
The 5 artists in residence will be guided by a team of internationally established artists and mentors, who will conduct several workshops throughout the residency period.

The Independent AIR has chosen to work with the topic Human Ecology for the years 2016-2017 to explore what it means for art to encounter the anthropocene. They intend to address the human disturbance of the earth’s ecosystem by focusing on how artistic activism can engage and communicate the environmental and social reality to a wider audience.

Photographic art can address complex and pertinent issues in a way that factual texts, statistics and information cannot do. The choise to focus on this topicis for obvious reasons, in an attempt to illustrate the environmental and social consequences of the seeming polarisation between nature and society, as well as new agendas and future possibilities. The complex nature of human ecology in the anthropocene is understood in a cross-disciplinary way and embodies both social, political, economic and environmental structures.

The independent AIR is a sustainable cultural project at all levels, thus the theme of Human Ecology // Images in the Anthropocene is consistent with the ethos of the organisation. Their aim is to show the role of the arts in the development of alternatives that include a holistic approach to the way we interact with the world and each other. As the theme is wide and complex, the participants will be provided with texts and other audiovisual material, in order to create a shared platform and inspiration for the photographic projects.


Exhibition and publication.

Studio Information

Each participant will have a studio space as well as a shared space for workshops.

Accommodation Information

There is one room per resident artist, which will include basic furniture and a desk.

Contact information

Hedehujvej 10
8600 Silkeborg

theindependentair [at]