French, English
3 to 12 months
Paid by host:

Artists will receive a €2,300 net monthly allowance, travel costs and accommodation. More information here.

Application guidelines:

This call is open to scientists and artists of all disciplines, both junior and senior, with or without official status. To be eligible, artist applicants must meet the following 2 conditions:

  • Not to have lived in France more than 12 months during the three years preceding this call for applications;
  • Carry out a research project in connection with science.

Calls for applications 2017-2018 here.

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Institute for Advanced Study of Aix-Marseille University

IMéRA is the Institute for Advanced Study of Aix-Marseille University - AMU. IMéRA receives researchers and artists under residence schemes of 3 to 12 months (depending on calls for applications); it also accommodates a few multi-disciplinary teams with a collective project for short duration stays. Residents work on their own research projects in connection with Aix-Marseille teams and research centres.

Research projects carried out at IMéRA focus on cross-fertilisation within social science, within science, between social science and formal/experimental and health science, and on relationships between art and science, exploring and enhancing the potential openings between such disciplines and the new objects that may be formed there.

IMéRA aims at fostering the emergence and development of world-class cross-disciplinary research approaches and grooms young researchers for such approaches on Aix-Marseille University ground.

IMéRA also welcomes projects bearing on Mediterranean territories or submitted by researchers from the Mediterranean rim.


Residents undertake to contribute to cross-disciplinary meetings and debates organized by IMéRA during their stay. Furthermore, fellows commit to the following:

  • Resident agrees to provide feedback on the content of their research to the IMéRA science community.
  • They will present their work at a public feedback workshop and provide a summary of their paper.
  • They may organise a research seminar with IMéRA's support.
  • They will provide a written report on their activities before the end of their stay.
  • They may grant short interviews on their work's progress.
Studio Information

IMéRA comprises two main buildings—a large 19th century house called Maison des Astronomes (Astronomers' House) and a vast university building dating from the 1960s—, and a three-bedroom flat on the first floor of an adjacent building.

To work, exchange ideas or organise workshops, they can use the communal areas in the Maison des Astronomes: a meeting room and a conference room (seating 50 and equipped with projector, PA system and audio/video recording equipment) on the ground floor, and a dining/function room, lounge and communal kitchen on the 1st floor.

Accommodation Information

Four flats are currently available to residents on IMéRA premises. Residents who cannot be accommodated on the site are put up in fully furnished flats in Marseille’s town centre, a few minutes from IMéRA.

Contact information

2 place Le Verrier
13004 Marseille

pascale.hurtado [at]