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IASKA, formerly International Art Space Kellerberrin Australia, was formed in 1998 by farmers and art professionals interested in exploring cultural identity through art. We are a non-profit organisation that runs an international program of visual arts/new media projects that are based on an in-depth engagement with specific local social and environmental situations. Our activities comprise context-specific projects, solo exhibitions, touring group exhibitions, publications, educational and mentoring programs. Until 2008 IASKA's activities were carried out mainly in and around the small town of Kellerberrin, 210 kilometres east of Perth.

From 2011 on, IASKA presents Spaced, a biennial event of collaborative, socially engaged visual arts projects in communities throughout Western Australia as well as several overseas locations. Geographically separate situation-specific projects will be the nodes of a network and the participants in a dialogue between culturally and geographically distant places.

For the period 2013-2015, the SPACED event will be based on a partnership between IASKA, the Western Australian Museum and regional communities throughout Western Australia. The new spaced will comprise residency-based projects that will take place in regional Western Australian locations throughout 2013–14, followed by a group exhibition of the residency outcomes at the Western Australian Museum, Perth in early 2015. The curatorial focus will consider the idea of collective memory as the source of competing narratives through which we create new visions of our communal present and future.

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