Dutch, English
3 to 5 months
Paid by artist:

€ 650,- per month. This includes rent, gas, water, electricity and internet.

Application guidelines:

Fill out all required fields on the application form and return to [email protected] together with:

  • Current curriculum vitae
  • Portfolio / documentation
  • Documentation list (title, description, date etc.)

Please do not send files bigger than 5MB, if you have large files zip them and send them through an online file sharing service, with a maximum size of 50 MB. After the deadline has passed, a committee will choose from the applying artists. They will be informed of the decision within two weeks.

1 Jan 2022, for the residency starting on 1 March 2022
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Artist in Residence Het Domijn

Artist in Residence Het Domijn


Het Domijn is an artist cooperative, located just beyond the borders of Amsterdam. Surrounded by greenery, the former factory for narrow-gauge trains today is an expansive compound of various large buildings. In addition to the work going on within the buildings, there are also activities on the property itself. Indoor and outdoor spaces blend together in this unique location. Het Domijn was established in 1999, and currently has 40 members, all engaged in creative professions. They represent visual art, photography, theatre, literature, set building, furniture design and construction, metalworking, architecture and music –basically, all that can be called autonomous art, applied arts, performing arts, craftsmanship and support for this variety of disciplines.

Het Domijn encompasses a wide variety of creative professions. For this reason, applying artists don’t need to fit a specific profile; artists from all disciplines and directions are invited to apply. The size of the space and the fact that tools and other equipment are not supplied could be a limitation for working in our guest studio. It is up to the artist to determine whether this would be workable. Het Domijn will not provide active supervision; thus the artist should have a healthy DIY mentality and be prepared to make his/her own contacts and arrangements. Of course, there are people who are ready to help the guest artist to get started and to provide introductions to the terrain and its users.


Presentation of the work that was created during the residency.

Studio Information

The guest studio also provides extra workspace, although very few tools or equipment are present. Because there are a variety of disciplines on the grounds, it is often possible to borrow things and get information from others.The guest artist is encouraged to establish contacts and investigate these possibilities.

Accommodation Information

The guest studio, a total of 66 square metres, is equipped with all the facilities needed for a comfortable stay. It includes a live/workspace, kitchen, wood-burning stove, under-floor heating, laundry area and a bathroom with bathtub.

Technical Information

Het Domijn only hosts individual artists.


Het Domijn is about a ten-minute bike ride from the Weesp railway station. From there, it’s only a 17-minute rail journey to Amsterdam’s Central Station, right in the heart of the city. A folding travel bike is available for you to take on the train – with it, you can easily explore Amsterdam. And bike enthusiasts can ride to the Amsterdam city centre in 40 minutes, following a scenic route along the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal. Many of the members live in Amsterdam and work in Weesp, so this journey is an everyday occurrence.

The estate has different characters in the various seasons. In the autumn and winter, from September through February, the weather is often cold and wet. The doors of the workspaces are closed and the courtyard feels deserted. However, in the heated studios, people are working industriously. The doors are opened in the spring, from March till May, and there’s activity everywhere you look. This is probably the busiest time of the year. In the summer, from June till August, a number of people leave the area for a holiday or seasonal work at festivals. All the seasons have their own charm and it is up to the artist to decide what their preference is.

Contact information

Bloemendalerweg 51
1382KB Weesp

residency [at]