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Paid by host:

Food and accommodation.

Paid by artist:

The artists must fund their expenses including transportation, health insurance and art materials. Except canvas, marble, metal or wood, artists should bring all work materials on their own.

Application guidelines:

Please email the application to [email protected], including:
The project plan (max. one page with visual materials)
Statement of intent
Portfolio (preferably personal webpage)

Helikon also accepts applications from individual artists as well as creative duos and/or artist groups.

Applicants must have Covid-19 vaccination certificate.
Fur further info, please check


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Helikon Art Center

Helikon Art Center


Helikon Art Center was founded in 2010. It is located near Izmit city of Kocaeli province, Başiskele district in Turkey. Helikon Art Center aims to host artists from all over the world in order to exchange ideas, create art works together, open exhibitions and organize art events. In this context, the Center has been organizing art residencies, hosting exhibitions and engaging in several art activities since 2014. The Center was reorganized as an official association to address broader audiences.

Helikon Art Center is associated with Helikon Contemporary Art Association, which was founded in 2017. The association aims to establish of an integrative network of art, embracing not only national artists but also all creative minds across the globe.

2022 Residency ‘Rebellion’
According to Albert Camus, Rebellion means to say “no”. However, to what do we say “no”? What is to be rebelled against?

In fact it is life itself, by all means. Individual, emotional, social values; moral and ethic codes, the entire culture or the system in the widest sense.

All scientific inventions that have facilitated life so far throughout human history are also direct consequences of individual or collective rebellion. Furthermore, all rules and values, laws and political systems regulating social life stem from rebellion. At the same time any progressive step creates a seed for a flower of rebellion. The mission of art is to bring these seeds and soil together. Philosophy helps it to upspring, while science makes the whole plant grow.

Duration of residency: 2nd of August-13th of August, 2022.

For 2022, Helikon calls for artists engaged in painting, sculpture, photography, video arts. Residency grant will be limited to 12 artists. Helikon also accepts applications from individual artists as well as creative duos and/or artist groups. For further info, please check


Each artist is responsible to demonstate/present their works through open/closed studio events every evening. There will be discussions about the the main theme of the residency and other issues concerning contemporary art.

Artists are obliged to leave at least one of their art work to Helikon Contemporary Art Association. (Helikon will not be hold responsible about art works left by artists)

Artists will be provided opportunity to exhibit their works in an art gallery (will be anounced later on) at the end of the residency.

Studio Information

An atelier, big garden with two terraces, two tree houses, one office and one exhibition hall.

Accommodation Information

We have four bungalows to share with any gender. Each bungalow is furnished with 3 single beds with WC/Bath and open kitchen.

Contact information

Düzlük Caddesi 29, Başiskele/Kocaeli Province

helikonartcenter [at]