Mandarin, English
5 weeks
Paid by host:

Artist's Fee NTD $ 80,000 (approximate USD$ 2,500.) The institution provides accommodation, meals, a round-trip airfare (economic class), airport pick-up service, volunteers, the organizer will assist to collect recycled objects (e.g. plastic bottle, tin cans, and aluminum cans) or natural materials (e.g. reed, stone, wood stick, soil, rice straw, bamboo, and leaf etc.) from each venue to assist with artwork.

Application guidelines:

E-mail the following files to: [email protected]:

  • Personal CV: Include your background and experience, awards, and past exhibitions. Be sure to include your full name, current mailing address, phone number, and nationality.
  • Your motivations: Explain why you want to apply for our event and the specific environment issues that you care about. (max. 1 page)
  • An artwork proposal: Include a brief description and a simple sketch. Artists can refine or modify their proposal to fit the space after the field study and site observation.
  • A portfolio of your previous artworks: Please introduce 6 of your previous related works with details of title, date of completion, the material used, and venue where they were exhibited.

They will only accept doc. or pdf. files for document and jpg. or jpeg. files for images. The size of each images file should be between 500KB to 1MB.

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Guandu Nature Park

Guandu Nature Park

Guandu International Nature Art Festival

Guandu International Nature Art Festival (originally entitled Guandu International Outdoor Sculpture Festival), dating back to 2006, was Taiwan's first large-scale natural art event held in a conservation park. With the experience in the past ten years, this art event has come to a new stage by resetting its title since 2016. The triangle composed of river culture, wetland conservation, and environmental art is still the solid foundation of the curatorial concepts. This event aims to serve as a catalyst to deepen the public’s awareness of our environment, as well as care for local cultures. It is hoped that every single participant of this festival will take the initiative to connect with their surroundings, to get inspired by nature, and to make an effort in finding a way to a sustainable future.


Artwork, artist's talk, workshop.

Accommodation Information

Each artist will receive accommodation in a single room with individual bathroom in a hotel near the site. For anyone accompany the artist, an additional bed and meal will be charged by the hotel accordingly.


Guandu Nature Park is situated in northern Taiwan at the junction of Tamsui and Jilong Rivers. The landscape consists of a mosaic of freshwater and brackish ponds, mudflats, marsh, rice paddies, and woodland, in which inhabits a rich variety of organisms.

Contact information

No. 55, Guandu Rd.
Beitou Dist
Taipei City, TPE 112

festival [at]