Italian, English, Spanish, French
Min. 15 days
Paid by host:
  • 3500 euros for 15 days residency, max 4 people
  • 65 euros per day/person will cover per diem and hostel
Paid by artist:

Travel expenses and local transportation.

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Fondazione Piemonte dal Vivo

Fondazione Piemonte dal Vivo

Lavanderia a Vapore

Fondazione Piemonte dal Vivo is a Piedmont Region-owned body recognized by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism as part of Circuiti Regionali Multidisciplinari (Regional Multidisciplinary Circuits) (Art. 40 D.M. 01.07.2014), as an entity responsible for promoting and distributing performing arts, whose aims are:

  • promoting performing arts through programming of theatrical seasons, festivals, cultural events;
  • developing educational projects and attracting audiences;
  • enhancing venues;
  • supporting artistic creativity of young talents with an eye to innovation and multidisciplinary actions through residency projects developed at Lavanderia a Vapore - Regional Centre for dance.

Lavanderia a Vapore is a project aimed at creating a regional dance centre in the buildings previously occupied by the laundry of the former royal asylum Regio Manicomio in Collegno, Turin metropolitan area. The renovated spaces include four rehearsal studios, an adjustable studio theatre for 250-500 spectators, a foyer with exhibition area suitable for small performance acts, also provided with a refreshment bar, an outdoor space that can accommodate up to 5000 people and an adjacent accommodation unit comprising of small studios with kitchenettes.
The Lavanderia a Vapore project - launched in 2015 - is the result of an innovative model of systemic networking, sharing objectives and governance between different local entities that deal with promotion and programming of dance.
Lavanderia a Vapore is recognized as an Artistic Residency by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism (Art. 43). Lavanderia a Vapore is a centre focusing on the creative process, the space and time necessary for artists to research, experiment, and interact in a secure environment. Lavanderia a Vapore achieved a number of important results in its first two years of activity: 16 creative residencies (both national and international) followed by public showcase and interaction with artists, professionals, journalists and informed audiences involving 80 talents for a total of 240 days of residence and 40 shows.


Lavanderia doesn't have a fixed expectation from the artists, since it is expected Lavanderia to be a freedom space where artists can work, experiment, meet other artists, professionals and communities.

Studio Information
  • 2 Studios: 12 x 14 m and 12 x 7 m, Harlequin floor
  • 2 Studios: 12 x 7 m and 12 x 14 m, wooden floor and black dance carpet, with sound system
Accommodation Information

Mini appartments (2-3 people) with kitchenette, in Torino city. You'll need to travel for 20 mins to get to Lavanderia a Vapore by Metro 1.

Technical Information

The artist can use the theatre and stage if previously agreed with Lavanderia a Vapore staff.

Contact information

Corso Pastrengo 51
10093 Collegno TO

tibaldi [at]