2-4 weeks, 4 weeks preferred
Paid by host:

Program fee is subsidized. Artists receive small materials budget for outside materials, but are encouraged to use the museum's collection as much as possible.

Paid by artist:

$500 program fee and $100/week for room + board + food. A non-refundable $250 deposit reserves your residency spot upon acceptance and is applied toward your program fee.

Application guidelines:
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Elsewhere residents live and work within the living museum, creating site-specific projects that investigate, repurpose, preserve and transform Elsewhere’s building and material collection. Elsewhere’s environment is a highly stimulating, sensorial, conceptual, and public experience. Residents are encouraged to engage Elsewhere’s Living Museum (open Wed-Sat 1-10pm), as a place for research, curatorial experiment and public engagement. The museum’s collection, of which nothing is for sale nor permanently leaves, becomes part and parcel of an evolving archive, material history, and interactive installations made by residents, curators, fellows, and museum visitors. Elsewhere’s curatorial team works with residents to develop projects that investigate and advance the living museum. Public studios–Storefront theater, living library, fabric + wood workshops, kitchen commons, alley garden and city departments– support and inform work. The landscapes and histories of downtown Greensboro offers unique context to explore the role of art in civic life.

Elsewhere is now accepting applications for 2020 opportunities from creatives working across media, fields, and disciplines. Elsewhere’s residency programs support artists engaging with relevant issues of site and culture while strengthening contemporary art production in under-served areas. Annually, 35 creatives are selected to collectively live and create new work for Elsewhere’s Living Museum. Residents receive room, board, abundant materials, studio space, and access to equipment. In conjunction with this, Elsewhere staff provides promotional and networking opportunities coupled with production, programming, documentary and curatorial support. Residencies are available during 5 sessions, each 2-4 weeks long with up to 7 residents at a time. The residency program is partially subsidized with a nominal fee. In 2020, Elsewhere is offering various opportunities to fund parent artists and/or those from the Southern US or Kansas City.


Artist talk, workshop, group happening.

Studio Information

Elsewhere's building, including two full stores on the first floor, a 14-room boarding house on the second, and warehouse on the third, provides dynamic architectures for the creation and installation of works.

Accommodation Information

The museum is a public space and also a public home. Artists live on the second floor, which includes the artist-built boarding house as well as installation works. The kitchen is centrally featured within the museum, and exhibits Elsewhere’s highly organized cooperative social living practices to public visitors. Public studios include a wood shop, fabric workshop, techlab, storefront theater, vintage wardrobe, garden and communal kitchen.

Contact information

606 South Elm Street
Greensboro, NC 27406
United States

museum [at]