French and English
9 months
Paid by host:

The cost of the training course is covered by the Ecole.

Paid by artist:

Participants pay for their lodging, food, transport, insurance and personal expenses due to their stay in Grenoble and extra activities. 50 euros application fee.

Application guidelines:

The École du MAGASIN training program is open to candidates who have obtained the equivalent of a master’s degree or who attest to relevant professional experience. Candidates should have a general knowledge of the production and mediation of contemporary art and be open to the diversity of current artistic positions, spaces and languages. The capacity to find solutions to a wide variety of challenges is very important. Strong personal motivation, creative mind-set, entrepreneurial emphasis and the capacity to work in a team are characteristics that are highly valued. Candidates must be fluent in English and have basic notions of French.

Read more about the application process here.

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Ecole du Magasin

Ecole du Magasin

International Curatorial Training Program

In 1987 the École du MAGASIN was founded as one of the activities of the art center, MAGASIN in Grenoble. Being the first international curatorial studies program in Europe, it was set up to provide a professional environment for a rigorous combination of research and practice. By providing the participants with a nine months hands-on experience in organizing a curatorial project, the École du MAGASIN gives a direct approach to curatorial practices. The program presents a wide variety of insights into what curating can be and become in the future through a series of tutorials, workshops, seminars and visits with professionals from different backgrounds.

The program is centered on the development of one or various curatorial projects. The project can be focused on a theme proposed by the tutorial comity or can evolve in directions proposed by the students.

Each session lasts nine months and is divided into two stages:

  • Stage 1/ October – December The first stage aims at establishing a framework and a collective working method. The program advisor assists in organizing monthly seminars, which include lectures, presentations, group or one-to-one discussions and online working sessions.
  • Stage 2/ January – June The second stage focuses on the production of the project. During a five-month period, session participants define the means of the project’s materialization and presentation, select the contributors, seek potential institutional or commercial partners, edit a press release and public relations material, and monitor the budget.

The sudents of the Ecole du Magasin develops a web link that presents all activities and published researches produced by the ongoing session.


The reputation enjoyed by Grenoble and Rhone-Alpes for its quality of life is explained by the exceptional natural environment and the diversity of urban and cultural life in the region.
On account of Grenoble-Isère’s central position in the French Alps, its population may easily go skiing, hiking, mountaineering, hang-gliding and so on. In 1968, Grenoble was host to the Winter Olympics. It is surrounded by three natural parks. The numerous mountain lakes and the proximity of the Mediterranean provide plenty of scope for sailing.
With a large number of students from abroad, city life is cosmopolitan and lively. Over 35 different nationalities are represented in the Grenoble area. Newcomers will find a pleasant environment and a choice of accommodation to suit their expectations and budget.
In addition to its own attractions, Grenoble-Isère is close to Lyon, Geneva, Italy and only at 3 hours by TGV to Paris. Artistic life in the area is promoted by Magasin, Musée de Grenoble, MC2 (Maison de la Culture), and Lyon Opera House, Vienne Jazz Festival amongst numerous facilities.

Contact information

155 cours Berriat
38028 Grenoble

info [at]
ecoledumagasin [at]