English, German, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese
1 to 4 weeks
Paid by artist:

Residency fees are:

  • 12,500 THB / week
  • 20,000 THB / 2 weeks
  • 30,000 THB / month

The residency fee covers:

  • 1 x private bedroom
  • 1 x separate studio if needed
  •  personal bicycle
  • an introduction to the Chiang Mai art scene
  • airport pick-up from Chiang Mai International Airport
Application guidelines:

They accept applications throughout the year and will be assessing submissions every 2 months starting March 2017. To apply, please email directly at extantation (AT) gmail (dot) com with the following:

  • artist statement or description / art practice
  • links or documentation of works
  • proposal for residency
  • desired time periods (they accept 1 – 4 week long residencies)
Ongoing, last day of the month of Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct and Dec.
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e x t a n t a t i o n

e x t a n t a t i o n

e x t a n t a t i o n Artist-In-Residency (Secondary)

e x t a n t a t i o n is a space in the Northern Thai city of Chiang Mai where conversations on art occur from a critical and poetic perspective in the form of events and happenings; where discourse on postcolonial, gender, community issues and their relevance in South & South East Asia is developed as well as a continuation of the Asian + diasporic dialogue in the cultural field. As a collective, out of urgent necessity on both personal and professional levels, they formed this platform where the question of artistic knowledge, production and the role of the artist in society as well as the art world can be contextualized and discussed. Furthermore members of marginalised communities – whether or not artist – find space to share their stories and express concerns.

The e x t a n t a t i o n secondary Artist-In-Residence (AIR) program in Chiang Mai (Thailand) is now open for applications! They are accepting submissions from multidisciplinary, performance, performing, sound and media artists as well as musicians, film-makers and writers whose practice falls within the critical and experimental. Being a place for the extant, the forgotten, the marginalised, the uncategorised, the invisible, and for the ones in-between, they will yield precedence to artists who are in a state of constant flux; who do not belong in well defined categories; Women; trans* (as in gender); queers; activists; people with disabilities; working class; those who are dispossessed, disempowered and displaced.

e x t a n t a t i o n ‘s residency space sits on the margins of the city, where urbanism meets the countryside and where the un-rural population dissolves into the rural. A reflexive space where artists are given the opportunity to be immersed in this immediate reality surrounding e x t a n t a t i o n , providing a unique situational space to reflect on their context within and without.

Being an independent self-funded artist-run organization, it is necessary for the organizers to charge a minimal residency fee to cover the running costs as well as to fund their other residency programs where they support artists who do not have any access to funding. An official letter of invitation will be given to assist the selected artists in funding applications for this project.


They are process-oriented AIR where artists are invited to disconnect from their usual environment and to experience their own creation process in the unique setting of Chiang Mai.

Studio Information

They can provide, if requested, a 40m2 studio with cemented floors. The studio would be suitable for small performance practices and computer-based practices.

Accommodation Information

They provide 1 private bedroom, and if necessary, a private studio.

Contact information

No 5 Moo 13
Chiang Mai

extantation [at]