Dutch & English
1-3 months between March and May
Paid by artist:

Residency fee, research and material costs.

They work with a residency fee but offer assistance in applying for grants for non-Dutch artists. The bare residency fee is €1100 a month. This includes rent, assistance, pr and an event. All residents are given a bike as their main form of transportation. A car is accessible through their assistants. They estimate that you need about €2000-2500 a month to live comfortably during your stay. That includes the residency fee, flight from Europe, research and/or production budget and a per diem.

Application guidelines:

Make sure to read the about section before sending a proposal. To apply send a proposal of maximum 1000 words, an updated c.v and a portfolio that gives an overview of the development in your work over the last 3 years. Next to a description of your field research and its presumed outcome, your proposal should contain the following:

  • Geographical area of interest in the southern states.
  • Possible collaborators and/or institutions of interest.
  • An overview of funds that you are eligible for in your country of residence.
  • Duration of stay (minimum 4 weeks, maximum 90 days ) & preferred dates.
  • A first idea for a public presentation (this can be anything from a talk to a workshop or short exhibition).
  • Contact details: home address, phone number, email & skype.

Send all materials to [email protected].com

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Deltaworkers was founded by curator Maaike Gouwenberg and artist Joris Lindhout. The foundation is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and is present in New Orleans each fall where they are hosted by Dawn Dedeaux at Camp Abundance. In an intensive 3-month period they host 4 residents and present works by other international artists who have not been shown in New Orleans before.

Deltaworkers is a nomadic artistic production and residence program that investigates the southern states of the U.S. as one of the last mythical places in the West. They host and present European artists from different disciplines in New Orleans, a city that forms the perfect gateway to the south; a region where many of the historical, socio-political and cultural roots of U.S culture can be found.

Deltaworkers welcomes artists working in all fields (visual art, performing arts, film, literature, music, architecture, design). Applicants should take note that they are a field research based residency and thus do not offer studio spaces. They are specifically interested in artists working with performative practices, historical and/or social political research, western mythology and/or anthropology, environmental issues, or contemporary US culture / film industry / entertainment. Deltaworkers has its base in New Orleans but encourages to work throughout the deep south.


Deltaworkers does not require a final outcome at the end of the residency period but they do want to show the eventual outcome in New Orleans when applicable. One requirement is to have at least 1 public presentation at one of their partner institutions.

Studio Information

No studio space.

Technical Information

They offer communal living spaces, an assistant and introduction to their extended network based on the original proposal.

Contact information

3005 Bruxelles St.
New Orleans, LA 70119
United States

info [at]