4 weeks
Paid by host:

Transportation to London, meals, equipment and materials, accommodation, and a private workspace in East London will be provided.

Paid by artist:

There is an application fee of £27 to cover costs.

Applications will reopen in Autumn 2021!
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Cluster Residency

Cluster Residency


The Cluster Artist-in-Residence programme aims to provide a tailored experience with a broad network of opportunities to counter the ‘one-size-fits-all’ logic that so frequently pervades the industry. Working from a studio in East London with specific equipment provided in response to the artist’s needs, residents will be given a custom-designed programme of one-on-one mentoring sessions with industry professionals who will guide them through research and production, and help shape their concluding solo show.

Each residency will last for 4 weeks in Spring 2021 at a time suitable for the artist with career support continuing for one year (or more) during which their work will also be exhibited at the Cluster fair.

Studio Information

There are 4 residencies: Crafts, Jewellery, Photography and printmaking, and Illustration.

Accommodation Information

The Cluster Photography Residency seeks to offer an artist a life-changing opportunity to kickstart their practice in London, and to equip her/him with everything that they could need to develop an exhibition or project in this international art hub. The residency will last 4 weeks, and will include transportation to London, meals, equipment and materials, accommodation, and a private workspace in East London.

The artist will be hosted in a private studio located in Zone 2, just a few minutes’ walk from Bow Church Station, containing a workspace, bedroom, two bathrooms, a kitchen, private outdoor area, and access to a communal rooftop terrace. Benefiting from high ceilings and natural light, the studio will be supplied with equipment that caters to each artist’s specific needs, such as cameras, studio, lights and more.

Contact information

79 Fairfield Road
United Kingdom

director [at]