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Paid by artist:

Plane ticket, transfer to Cazón, internal transportation costs and personal expenses.
Food: a common fund to cover food will be created by both residents and the organization. Meals will be prepared jointly.

The organziers are committed to deliver invitation letters to residents seeking funding.

Application guidelines:

To participate, send the completed questionnaire and personal information (name, surname, date and place of birth, address, country of residence, passport number, phone number, email, web/portfolio) to [email protected] before July 10th, 2016. All information must be sent in a single PDF file. Other presentation formats would not be accepted.

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Centro Rural de Arte

Centro Rural de Arte


CRA creates interdisciplinary operative platforms, where people with various knowledge interact. Residencies, workshops, talks, different ways of creation and research. Some activities are nomadic and they have alliances with places that host these experiences temporarily. CRA generates displacements between people, knowledge and actions. They design projects that take the plunge in creating possible articulations between issues that are not related to each other. Watching the multiple usages of specific knowledge can be really exciting. They work on contents that cross different lands, generate unprecedented practices and celebrate the relation between different information.

CRA trusts in rural areas. They orient their energy towards the place where raw materials are produced, match our bodies to cyclic time, they try social forms and relations with nature. CENTRO RURAL DE ARTRE looks forward to overflowing itself with each alliance. An exchange that stimulates desires. Since 2013, CRA makes some activities in the village of Cazón and builds a space there. Cazón is 12 km from Saladillo, at the confluence of routes 205, 51 and 63, in the province of Buenos Aires.

Studio Information

Sheds, streets, fields, clubs, schools, trees, shops, private homes, land, etc.

Accommodation Information

Accommodation in a house with kitchen, living room and bedrooms with shared bathrooms, linen (sheets, blankets, etc.), work spaces, an articulation platform between the needs of the projects with the medium, exchange rounds and other interaction activities coordinated by the team.


Cazón is a village located 12 km from the city of Saladillo, Buenos Aires, at the junction of Routes 205, 51 and 63, at 170 km from the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is home to 300 inhabitants and is known as the ‘million trees town’. There is a huge municipal nursery with production and wilderness areas, about 10 private nurseries, an elementary school with dance and theatre orientations, an agro technical high school with a food processing room, a dairy farm, two stores, a butcher/bar, a club whose headquarters is under reconstruction, a soccer field, a base camp, two squares, four abandoned coal furnaces, houses with gardens and greenhouses, a railway station in use, paved roads, dirt roads and streets that end where the countryside begins.

In a survey conducted by CRA during 2015 in Cazón, a wide range of crafts, intuitive knowledge and resources were identified, crafts that the villagers can offer the community, including horticulture, construction, cooking and food production, educational practices, creating souvenirs and crafts, animal farming and slaughter and recognition of wild herbs among other interactions with the environment.

Contact information

San Juan s/n Cazón,Saladillo
Buenos Aires

info [at]