17 September - 29 October 2018
Paid by host:
  • The Curators' Agenda program covers accommodation costs in the maximum amount of EUR 500,-. You will receive the funds upon coming to Vienna, for which you will sign the receipt. Furthermore, they would also need a receipt from your landlord.
  • The Curators' Agenda program covers traveling expenses in an amount of up to EUR 250,-. You will be obliged to give a copy of your traveling tickets for the reimbursement of the costs. In case that the traveling expenses are lower than EUR 250,-, you will receive the amount, that covers the sum of your ticket’s price. Reimbursement of traveling costs will be realised in the final week of the Curators’ Agenda program.
Paid by artist:

Residency program fee: EUR 1150. Registration is additional EUR 50.

You are required to stay during the whole program. If you arrive later or leave earlier, you will be also counted as a regular participant, thus paying the full price for the program. In case you cancel your participation, reimbursements of the funds are not possible. The fee includes:

  • entry fees for museums and other special events
  • workshops and lectures
  • production costs of the group exhibition
  • accommodation costs will be partly compensated for each participant for a maximum amount of EUR 500,-
  • travelling costs will be partly compensated for each participant for an amount of up to EUR 250,-
  • local cell phone cards
Application guidelines:
  • Please send your CV (one A4 page) and letter of motivation (one A4 page) with emphasized special field of interest to [email protected] There is a registration fee of EUR 50,-. It is binding and non-refundable. After the registration fee is paid within next 10 days after getting the registration form, the application undergoes the process of selection. Selected participants will be notified several days after the deadline.
  • If you require visa for staying in Austria, they can provide you with a letter stating that you are selected for the program and that upon your arrival to Vienna you will receive partial financial support (accommodation EUR 500,- and traveling up to 250,-). They cannot provide you with any other guarantee letter. Please let them know 10 days in advance, if you need this letter.
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BLOCKFREI - Association for Culture and Communication

BLOCKFREI - Association for Culture and Communication

Curators’ Agenda: VIENNA 2018

BLOCKFREI is an independent cultural organization founded in 2013 in Vienna. It is conceived as a platform for innovative cultural praxis with the goal to support the co-operation between cultural groups from Austria and other countries around the globe, with a special emphasis on South-Eastern Europe. Furthermore, considering that national groups from the mentioned region form a significant part of the Austrian society today and the great importance of the current and future interaction between the two, BLOCKFREI is aiming to contribute to the higher visibility of immigrant cultural and art production which is undoubtedly embedding itself into Austrian cultural landscape.

The fourth edition of the program, Curators’ Agenda: VIENNA 2018 (C’A), is taking place for six weeks in Vienna in September and October 2018. C’A presents an annual, know-how program for international, emerging curators who are interested in exploring Vienna’s contemporary art scene and deepening their practical knowledge on production and realization of exhibitions. The participants are selected on the basis of an open call, that is published worldwide five months before the program starts. The selection is based on the motivation letter and biography of the applicants. The selection committee includes one artist and one curator, both active in the Viennese contemporary art scene, as well as BLOCKFREI’s members.
The program includes following activities: visits to artists’ studios, museums, off spaces, art collections, meetings with both institutional and free-lance curators, specially designed guided tours through exhibitions in various museums and galleries as well as visiting current programs, which are taking place at that moment (Viennacontemporary, Parallel, Vienna Biennial, curated by). These activities take place during the first four weeks, four days a week (Mo-Thu). Fridays are left for the feedback sessions, in order to discuss participants’ needs, reflect together the previous week as well as to have time to concentrate on the preparations for the group exhibition.
The final part of the Curators’ Agenda program is preparation of a mutual group exhibition. Besides the intensive program, which introduces to the participants the Viennese contemporary art scene, a special focus is set on curating a mutual group exhibition. By reflecting on the lessons learned and by drawing upon their own experiences and competencies, participants are given a task to develop their own, personal approach to the Viennese contemporary art scene, create a concept and execute a mutual group exhibition. The exhibition is organized in partnership with the University of Applied Arts Vienna. Students interested in taking part in the group exhibition, curated by the participants of the C’A program, reply to an open call. This year the exhibition will take place at Krinzinger Projekte.

C’A program is also a platform for cultural exchange and collaboration both to international, emerging curators and to representatives of the Viennese contemporary art community. Besides an intensive schedule, where new contacts are being made, the participants are also being introduced to different artist-in-residence programs such as KulturKontakt, quartier 21 and das weisse haus, having the chance to get to know the visiting artists. The C’A program is designed to offer an overview of established as well as emerging players of the Viennese contemporary art scene and to provide the participating curators with a collaborative space for experimentation and innovation in an international setting, parallel to the development of practical skills.


Participants are required to stay during the whole program from 17 September – 29 October 2018. It is required from the participant to be present at all activities (studio visits, meetings with curators and cultural educators, lectures, workshops, etc.) and to take part in the exhibition realization.

Studio Information

No studio.

Accommodation Information

Curators' Agenda program does not provide a place of residence. It is up to the participants to organize an accommodation according to their own needs and possibilities. Curators' Agenda program will, however, enable a virtual platform for the selected participants to meet and inquire about the possibilities of shared accommodation.

Technical Information

They are organising meetings and workshops on the premises of the University of Applied Arts Vienna or the visiting institution/organization/artist’s studio.

Contact information

Troststrasse 100/4/18
1100 Vienna

info [at]