Japanese, English
30 - 60 days
Paid by host:

Depending on the year budget. Latest condition (2021):

  • artistic production costs coverage up to 400,000 JPY (~3000 EUR tax included) / Pair *consist of any material, research related (transportation cost at on-site, data and documents, communications, rewards, and gratitude) and creation costs.
  • Daily allowance for the domestic artist only: 4,000 JPY/day (tax included)
  • Transportation cost for the domestic artist only: A Round trip from one’s place of residence (the closest airport if plane and the closest station if train) to Beppu
Application guidelines:

The Representative to send the following documents that are written in either English or Japanese via email to the contact information listed below:

  1. Application Forms
    • "Application Form #1" (Project Proposal): to be filled out as a pair (with your partner) [Microsoft Word] / [PDF]
    • "Application Form #2" (CV-Curriculum Vitae): to be filled out by each applicant [Microsoft Word] / [PDF]
  2. Each Portfolio
  • Subject of the email should be “KASHIMA 2021 Application_the Representative's Name”
  • All the attached documents to be a PDF format and must be under 10MB

KASHIMA 2021 BEPPU ARTIST IN RESIDENCE Application Guidelines (English)

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Beppu Project

Beppu Project


The center has opened an international artist in residence program for artists working in visual arts, mixed media and digital arts. The program aims at fostering young artists and promoting art and culture.

Kashima 2021 Beppu Artist in Residence is a residence programme that Beppu Project has held in Beppu, Japan since 2008. In Japanese, ‘Kashima’ refers to the name of the place of your stay in order to heal your body and soul in a bath and spa. One of the aims of this residence programme is to promote and develop creations, in connection with local community and the artists.

Beppu Project are calling for collaboration projects in which domestic artists and foreign artists cooperate online. During the continuous influence of COVID-19, it is time to reach for expressions and creations that can be done with this circumstance. Any genres will be welcome.

Three pairs of two people will be selected – with each pair consisting of a domestic (Japanese nationality and residence) artist who stays in Beppu during the programme and a foreign (non-Japanese nationality and residing outside Japan) artist collaborating online. Pairs must submit a project proposal for the residency.

The residency will run for 30 days from 11 January – 14 February 2022. Alongside support for the domestic artist’s travel and accommodation.


The residency will involve a public component, which must include an exhibition/performance of new art work, a workshop with Beppu citizens or a talk series.

Accommodation Information

Accommodation and work studio will be either a house or apartments within Beppu chosen by BEPPU PROJECT; may need to share toilet(s) and the kitchen with other artists.  It is also possible that one may need to use the public baths close to one’s accommodation.


Beppu city, Kyushu island in the South of Japan. Pictures of the city can be found here.

Contact information

2F, Sugakenzai Bldg.,
2-35, Noguchimotomachi
Beppu City,

info [at]
airproject [at]