4 to 6 weeks
Paid by host:
  • Partial or total reimbursement of travel expenses
  • A production and research honorarium of $375/week
  • Up to $300 (refundable) for materials
  • Accommodation in the AXENÉO7 residence
  • A $25 per diem
  • Artist's honoraria are also paid for any public presentation by the artist or any exhibition project.
Application guidelines:

Submissions must include:

  • A résumé.
  • An artist's statement.
  • A description of the project.
  • A descriptive list of visual documents submitted (titles, dates, dimensions and medium).
  • 15 digital images on CD-Rom or 35mm slides.
  • VHS or DVD documentation (NTSC format) (max. 10 minutes).
  • A stamped, self-addressed return envelope.

All written documents must be submitted in hard copy and in digital format.

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This residency program for artists or curators consists in a maximum stay of 6 weeks (depending on the artist's availability and the project proposed). The residency includes a public presentation or an exhibition of the final work(s). AXENÉO7 is soliciting projects for exhibitions relating to other places, to twisted representations, to intensified, conceptual or dreamlike reinterpretations of the world; other universes, other spaces, metaphorical spaces, morphological spaces, a type of physical interpretation of reality within reality, in constant self reference in aims to understand the mechanism behind it all. More than replaying and reinterpreting the world, it is about playing, literally, while inventing new ways of seeing, feeling or conceiving reality. Proposals can be in any medium and of various types and durations; they can put into question the usual constraints of an exhibition space.


Public presentation or exhibition.

Studio Information

The residence's studio is well suited to visual arts projects; it also has basic media and video equipment and is equipped with a wood studio.

Accommodation Information

The apartment has two floors: the studio space (approximately 200 sq. ft.) is on the main floor and the living space with bathroom and kitchenette on the second floor.

Contact information

80 Rue Hanson
Gatineau QC J8Y 3M5

axeneo7 [at] axeneo7.qc.ca