Japanese, English
3 months (September to November)
Paid by host:

Living cost, travel expenses, accommodation, working space and staff supporting are provided by the host.

Paid by artist:

Public presentation expenses.

Application guidelines:

Sufficient knowledge of the English language, under the age of 40 in principle.

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Art Studio Itsukaichi

Art Studio Itsukaichi


The artist-in-residence program was initiated as part of TAMA Life 21, an event held in 1993 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Tama area joining Tokyo. The purpose of this program is to invite young artists who are being active throughout the world. At the same time, the program aims at the furtherings of friendship and the understanding of art and different culture between the artists and local communities through artworks and exchanges.


Workshops and other exchange programs with local area are carried out during the residency period. An exhibition is held in late November. Artists are expected to donate artworks they produced during their residency to Akiruno City.

Accommodation Information

Individual apartments, studio.


A tranquil area, lined with homes for many years. Anumber of historical ruins are located in the surrounding region, and mountains and rivers are nearby. Public transport:Take either theJR Chuo Line or the Itsukaichi Line that runs west frrom central Tokyo, and get off at Seibi Itsukaichi Station at the end of the line (last station). Approximately 10 minutes by bus from the station.

Contact information

300 Tokura
Akiruno City, 13