Japanese, English
From January to March, every year.
Paid by host:
  • Travel expenses: A one time round trip from your neighboring international airport to AIAV (Economy class air tickets for international flights, domestic flights and/or domestic railway tickets)
  • Accommodation at AIAV (private room with bath/toilet)
  • Studio (assignment will be arranged after due deliberation: artists may have to share with others)
  • Production expenses: 200,000 yen (For each group)
  • Per diem: 2,800 yen x days of the program (Per person)
Paid by artist:

Board, food, etc. Income tax (20%) will be imposed on those from countries, which do not have a tax convention with Japan. Artists will have to install and deinstall their work by themselves and will have to pack their work and pay shipping costs if necessary.

Application guidelines:

A. Completed application form with your profile picture

B. Portfolio. Please choose either from the option ①or② below.

① 10 still images(jpeg, 72dpi, maximum dimension 1000px). Please label your images such as (JaneDoe_01.jpg, JaneDoe_02jpg…) so that the number of each image corresponds with the number provided on the slide description sheet on the application form.

② Provide a link to a video uploaded on the website such as Youtube, Vimeo. You can only submit 1 video that is no longer than 5 minutes.

C. Articles and reviews from catalogues, newspapers and magazines, if you have any (Should be submitted in PDF format, up to 3 articles)

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Akiyoshidai International Art Village

Akiyoshidai International Art Village

Artist in Residence Programs(AIR)

Akiyoshidai International Art Village has supported cultural and philosophical exchange among international artists through the artists in residence program since its inauguration in 1998. The aim of the Residence Support Program is to support young artists' experimental artistic activities, crossing the borders of art disciplines and nationalities. The artists will be carefully selected by the Selection Committee of the Residence Program of Akiyoshidai International Art Village. They encourage selected artists will actively communicate with local people in Yamaguchi, participate in different projets, including workshops, lectures, school visits and exhibitions. They invite artists for a time away from their usual environment and obligations to work on their own creative activities. Through open calls, Akiyoshidai International Art Village (AIAV) currently offers:

  • fully funded long-term program called “residence support program”,
  • and partly funded short-term program called “fellowship program” with which artists are encouraged to apply for outside funding resources.

Akiyoshidai International Art Village, designed by the architect, Arata Isozaki, was founded in 1998 with the aim of providing a platform for artists in residence as well as for a variety of art forms and cultural activities. AIAV’s main hall has a capacity of approximately 300 and its residence hall can house 100, and the village also features a restaurant, seminar room, studios, gallery  and café.

AIAV is located far away from the noise of everyday city life and is surrounded by natural resources. Isozaki himself referred to it as an “archipelago”, (an expanse of water with many scattered islands), and it consists of many different facilities. The term ‘village’ suggests that AIAV is not a one monolithic structure but rather a collective of small neighboring buildings reminiscent of a traditional Japanese village.


The artist is requested:

  • to participate in all pubic programs, e.g. open studio, presentations and talks and to create new work.
  • to participate in the exchange programs for local community, e.g. talks, lectures and outreach programs.
  • to provide images and documentations, e.g. pictures and videos, for publicity and archiving in accordance with AIAV’s request.
  • to take part in educational programs at local schools and universities in English or Japanese.
  • to present the results of the residence program, e.g. exhibitions, reviews or talks outside Japan within a year after the program.
Studio Information

There are various types of studios (shared or private): the allocation of studio is decided by AIAV, artists may have to share with others.

  • Main Building: Concert hall, amphitheatre, outdoor stage, 3 seminar rooms, 7 studios, gallery.
  • Residence Hall: 36 bedrooms, darkroom, salon, communal kitchen, restaurant.
Accommodation Information

Private room with private bathroom and mini-kitchen. There is a common kitchen at the residence hall, where artists can cook for themselves. Artists are not allowed to be accompanied by anyone for the program. When artists’ family or friends visit AIAV, they can stay with charge of accommodation fee for approximately 3,000 yen per night (prices differ according to room types).

Technical Information

Equipment: Stage equipment, sound equipment, musical instruments, darkroom equipment, easels. Check all the facilities here.

Contact information

50 Akiyoshi, Shuoho-cho
Yamaguchi, 35
754 0511

air_aiav [at]