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2001, residency since 2014
Negoatiated with each artist
Paid by host:

Grants (artist fees) are awarded for each residential stay in the maximum amount of 2200HRK (~ 300EUR) payable by invoice. The amount depends on the type of engagement and the duration of the residency. As it is desired not to limit the formats but to encourage the diversity of applications, please specify the desired fee in your application. You can check the website to see examples of previously funded proposals.

Paid by artist:

Different conditions apply according to the type of residency —physical or digital.

Application guidelines:

No specific theme is set - new media and hacking are the guiding principles, but all applications will be considered.

Apply to the email address [email protected] with the subject "Application for hackn3t residency". The application must contain:

- Name and surname
- Location
- Time frame (when it takes place and for how long)
- Artist fee (max. 2200HRK total)
- Short biography (not a CV)
- Website (work example)
- Pitch (description of materials to be presented on the platform)

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Other activities
This venue also appears in our database of activities of dutch artists around the world. Have a look at its organisation profile page.

AKC Attack

AKC Attack

Hacklab01 hackn3t

Autonomous Cultural Centre – Attack! is an association of citizens that primarily works at the level of the City of Zagreb, but also conducts projects that take place or are being realized at the state level. Its aim is to encourage development and practice of alternative culture, thinking and expression. Attack! is a nonprofit, nongovernment volunteer association that creates and shares cultural and political alternative as well as alternative economy, providing a public space to all those who want to express themselves creatively and participate in changes on a local level that lead towards a free society.

Hackn3t is an international network of artists, programmers, hardware and software tweakers and other creative people. It's open to everyone and anyone who feels the need to share something with their community. They are currently inviting people to participate by holding talks, performances, lectures, presentations, workshops (...) in their hackerspace that's located in AKC Medika in Zagreb, Croatia. Hackn3t now offers an online residency program with the goal of showing the everyday practice of (digital) (new) media artists, coders or other tech creatives by leveraging publicly accessible networked conference calls and desktop sharing. After the improvement of epidemiological and spatial conditions, hackn3t will again start to take place in physical space, while staying open to online residency proposals.

Back in 2009, an abandoned pharmaceutical packing factory in Pierottijeva street 11, a former squat, was legalized by the local government and leased to AKC Attack who've been sharing the space with other NGOs and initiatives ever since. These independent artists and collectives are faced with lack of space and funding, so the space for executing their practices becomes questionable. This space is offered without any unified context in order to continually develop diversity among programs and projects in the city.

During past years, Hackn3t tried its best to transform this forgotten factory into a manageable space. The space focuses mainly on night time underground music venues, from punk to psy trance. So if you dislike loud music and young people partying, this might not be up your alley.


A workshop / presentation / exhibition / talk / also negotiable with the artist.

Studio Information

AKC offers a wide range of facilites. Hacklab01 is a hackerspace withing the center and offers a high speed internet connection, a lot of recycled technology (but not new PCs!).

Accommodation Information

The space itself is an ex-squat. It's liveable (running water, heating) but definitely not suitable for families. Artist duos, or groups of not more than three people are welcome but have to be prepared for a squatty lifestyle. Up to 3 artists can be there at the same time. Currently, these physical conditions are not applicable and residencies take place online until a further notice.

Technical Information

An anarcho-library, an independent nightclub, a gym, several private artist studios, a gallery, a film production studio...

Contact information

Pierottijeva ul. 11
10000 Zagreb

info [at]