Gallery since 1992, residency since 2014
23 days.
Paid by host:

The residency will cover the cost of travel aboard the freighter (single cabin and all meals), accommodations for four days in China, and return airfare back to Vancouver. To maximize the artists’ experience upon arrival in Asia, the partner Contraste agence d’art will use its resources in Asia to offer Residency artists an orientation to the art communities of Shanghai upon their arrival.


Paid by artist:

Residency artists are expected to fund their own travel to and from Vancouver (the point of departure). Residency artists must prove their own purchase of international travel insurance and to secure all necessary travel documents. Artists are free to travel at their own cost within Asia following disembarkation, provided details are arranged in advance for the purpose of booking return airfare from Shanghai.

Application guidelines:

 In keeping with partner organizations’ mandates, this residency invites emergent artists, or artists entering an experimental phase of their practice, to submit proposals. They accept work in all forms of media, time based, process, research based, exhibition focus, social practice etc.

Apply via email only to [email protected], with following documents:

  • one page cv
  • artist statement (maximum 250 words)
  • a residency proposal (maximum 500 words) accompanied by a maximum of 5 images (if applicable)
  • maximum 10 images of relevant previous work
  • please format your proposal into a single pdf (under 20 mb)

For more information please visit the submission page.


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Access Gallery

Access Gallery

Twenty-Three Days at Sea

Access Gallery is an artist-run-centre, dedicated to supporting emergent and experimental art practices. They enable critical conversations and risk taking through new configurations of audience, artists and community. They invite submissions for their travelling artist residency program, in partnership with Burrard Arts Foundation and with Contraste agence d’art, titled Twenty-Three Days at Sea. Twenty-Three Days at Sea is unique: it will offer selected artists passage aboard a cargo ship sailing from Vancouver, Canada to Shanghai, China. Crossing the Pacific Ocean takes approximately twenty-three days, during which time the artist will be considered “in residence” aboard the vessel.


The objective of this residency program is to encourage the production of new artwork (which, depending upon the artists’ practices, may take place aboard the vessel or in the months following); to facilitate residency artists’ engagement with new networks in Asia, considering linkages between places on opposite sides of the Pacific Ocean; and to introduce this new body of work to audiences in Vancouver through a subsequent exhibition. For the extent of the residency voyage, artists will also be requested to keep a daily “log.” Subsequently published by Access, these log books, which may or may not comprise the new work produced, will accumulate as an ongoing collection of book works, chronicling diverse responses to a shared experience of being at sea.

Accommodation Information

Individual cabin.

Technical Information

Onboad a ship (no internet, and can be unpredictable).


The freighter ship leaves from Vancouver and disembarks in Shanghai, China.

Contact information

222 East Georgia Street
Vancouver BC V6A 1Z7

access [at]