Russian, English, Ukrainian
From 3 days to 2 weeks
Paid by host:

There is no grants offered. The program provides a place to sleep, working and exhibition facilities together with personal guidance in getting around in Kharkiv, establishing local contacts, etc.

Paid by artist:

There is no fee, but the resident has to cover travel, meals and materials.

Application guidelines:

Send your project proposal, CV and portfolio to [email protected] The curators discuss each submitted project individually and invite those they find interesting.


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127 garage

127 garage

127 garage’s residency program

127 garage is a space for cultural initiatives from artists and for artists. Artist Anton Tkachenko and curator Anastasiia Khlestova opened a space for exhibitions, lectures, shows, meetings, discussions, and, most importantly, experiments in their garage. Their mission is to create a community comfortable for work and interaction, supporting young artists. They want to make art accessible and popular, therefore, located in a residential complex, they are open to communication and work with the local community – residents of the complex.

127 garage’s work is centered on different formats of knowledge exchange and developing new tools for understanding the condition today for a queerer tomorrow. Through the curation of residences, projects, festivals, directing educational programs, proposing workshops and performing lectures 127 garage opens up new discursive lines, by involving different actors into challenging spatial narratives.
127 garage strives for a world of horizontal hegemonies, borderlessness and borderlands, guided by curiosity and urgency. To facilitate emerging artists, curators Anastasiia Khlestova and Anton Tkachenko offer each participant of the program one-on-one assistance. During these consultations, artists will have the opportunity to realize their ideas with our technical assistance. Each of the artists will be provided with space to work and to sleep, help with the creation of the exhibition and exhibition space.


An exhibition

Studio Information

The studio is the 20 square meters space of the 127 Garage itself in which artists can work in any technique.

Accommodation Information

A separate room with a sofa within the curator's apartment next to 127 Garage is reserved for the resident. Only 1 resident per term is allowed. Partners are welcome, children are not. Groups can apply if only they are comfortable sleeping and working together.

Technical Information

Projector, professional lighting, basic equipment for exhibition setup (hammers, screwdrivers, staple gun, boxcutter knives, ladder), 20 A4 clip frames, 3 50х40х40cm pedestals, laptop and speakers that can be used for the exhibition


Kharkiv is Ukraine’s second largest city that boasts strong architecture and design schools as well as a vibrant culture scene. The residency is located in a garage in the middle of a residential complex, away from the city center.

Contact information

Novooleksandrivska str. 54a

127garazh [at]