English, Urdu, Hindi
2 to 8 weeks
Paid by host:

Project12.0 provides accommodation, studio space, and exhibition expenses for the resident artists.

Paid by artist:

There is no fee for artist in residence program to be paid by the artists. Selected artists are responsible for their visa, travel, insurance, material, production costs, food, utility costs and daily expenses.

Application guidelines:

Generally there is no application fee. However for some projects there can be application fee, depending upon the cost of administration and processing of applications in certain projects - engagement or hiring of experts has to be paid. There can be new deadline for the applications, and for updated information and guidelines for application, visit their website.

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12.0 Contemporary

12.0 Contemporary


AiR program Project12.0 is an artist lead platform that offers a conducive environment for artistic cultural exchange. It is a platform for a group mind to develop experimental, interdisciplinary and collaborative creative practices through it’s around the year artist in residence program with a focus on artistic development, research based and thematic residencies.
Project 12.0 tends to work as operating system that allows artists and cultural operatives to rediscover, re-examine, recreate and reinvent their artistic expressions and notions to manifest the absolute thought forms. As a meeting point for local and international artists the platform provides a window into larger reality both for artists and their audience to create a dialogue around regional and global contemporary issues. The resident artists have an opportunity to focus on their artistic practice, develop networking and cultural exchange with the local artist community. AiR program offers accommodation, production and presentation facilities. Resident artists are required to present their works within the framework of open studio, artist talk and exhibition.

This residency is an artist run and not for profit initiative, they host and facilitate local and international artists to organize short term cultural exchange (duration between 2 to 8 weeks) and to carry on goals and ambitions of the AiR program "Project12,0":

  • In form of networking and cultural exchange-develop network and communication, develop the ability to exchange resources and share and promote opportunities with the like minded partners;
  • Social development;
  • To increase the scope of artists practices to have an impact and positive influence on society through active participation or artistic practice;
  • Develop a deeper understanding of host Pakistani society and its culture, since in the past 30 plus years Pakistan and its nation have been engaged in fighting war on terror, radicalization, thus all sort of creative practices declined and lost its place from the center of cultural and social activities, artists and creative processes became marginalized;
  • To meet the challenges in the field of artist practice in Pakistan and internationally. This benefits in terms of learning, knowledge production, and transfer of skill and knowledge to local artist community and society at large.

Resident artists are fully responsible for the overall planning and outcomes of their project. Artists are required to develop production of work as outcome of residency and present the results with the local community in form of an exhibition,open studio, artist talk and workshop etc. Resident artists will have open days for public- fellow artists, scholars and professionals to provide talks about their practice (production process, methodology, research, techniques etc). There is possibility for small publication. Resident artists are required to donate one artwork to archive Project12.0.

Studio Information
  • The studio space has all basic facilities to produce work in most of visual arts disciplines like painting, sculpture, ceramic, jewellery, printmaking as well as with interdisciplinary approach. Artists have choice of individual studio spaces (02 rooms) and shared working studio with other artists.
  • Study room a small library.
  • Fully equipped wood workshop facility close by available for the artists.
  • Project 12.0 is working with local partner organizations and institutes that offer a fully equipped,artist run print making studio which is available for the resident artists. For larger projects there is possibility to use workshops of local art school that offers sculpture studio, workshops, ceramic workshop with furnaces and firing facility.
Accommodation Information

Project12.0 has approximately 1000sq meter covered area including working studios, living apartment, gallery, activity lounge, conference room, storage and miscellaneous areas. The place can accommodate maximum 6 to 8 persons. There is single bed facility for two persons, and two fully equipped studio apartments, each suitable for two to three persons. Pets and families are not allowed, however partners are allowed provided both are artists and selected for artist in residence program.
Living apartments are fully furnished, self operating kitchen, laundry, attached washrooms. centrally heating and cooling system, Wi-Fi, security camera systems, building management staff, kitchen with cook and helping staff, assistants and guards, cargo pick up and driver.

Technical Information

Studio space is well ventilated and there are open spaces on roof top for certain projects. Workshops is equipped with basic tools to work in house, machinery, furniture includes electric and gas welding, cutting and grinding machine, throwing wheel, basic tools for various disciplines, computer with softwares, printers and photocopier. There is small jewellery workshop including basic tools for handworking, flex shaft, grinding, polishing machines, hammering and raising tools, electroplating unit etc.

Materials can be purchased from the art supply shops in the town. Project 12.0 can provide the material on demand. Larger quantities and sixes of canvases, paints, printing inks, porcelain, stoneware terracotta clays and slips can be arranged and provided to artists withing 36 hours.


The residency is located in urban area of Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. It is beautiful city in the foothills of Himalayas. The city is located on the thousands of year old silk route which connects the region with central Asia, India and Xinjing (Tibet and China) through various historical passes located in three largest mountain regions of the world: Himalaya, Karakoram and Hindukush. The meeting point of these three mountain regions is located in Pakistan, a few hundred kilometers in North to Islamabad. The region is historical center of Great Gandhara civilization (Budhist) and Indus Valley civilization thus carrying rich cultural, traditional and historical roots. There are abundance of historical sites, beautiful nature, tourist sites less than an hour long drive in all direction around the city of Islamabad. All that carries potential to be explored by international visitors. The residency program offers an opportunity to its international visitors to explore all that and more.

Contact information

12, Hospital Boulevard, D.H.A Phase II, Sector A
Main Grand Trunk Road

contact [at]