AiR Platform NL meeting at Luceberthuis

AiR Platform NL meeting at Luceberthuis

February 29 2016, Bergen

AiR Platform NL organized a network meeting for artist-in-residence organizers, this time at the former atelier of Lucebert in Bergen. The beautiful studio and appartment in the middle of suburban Bergen town, is at the time of our visit, home of photographer Frederique van Rijn through the artist-in-residence program of the Luceberthuis with support of the Mondriaan Foundation.

The topics on the agenda of this meeting included the issue of generating more visibility for AiR programs in the Netherlands, enhance collaboration with other platforms and partners as PlatformBK, ZaakNU and Mondriaan Foundation, the upcoming AiR symposium in collaboration with arts initiative ID11 in Delft and an intervision session with Satellietgroep.

The meeting was followed by a goodbey and celebration of TransArtists' finest: Erik Hagoort, spokesman of the artist-in-residence cause and close collaborator with AiR organizers in many (inter) national exchange projects since 15 years.

Participants of the meeting

Hennie Boersma-Swaanswijk - Luceberthuis, Bergen
Henry Alles – TaiR, Groningen                                                                
Jacqueline Heerema – Satellietgroep                                                                
Ronald Boer – Satellietgroep, Den Haag                                  
Francois Lombarts – Satellietgroep, Den Haag                                                
Rolina Nell – ID11, Delft                                                                    
Paul Giessen – ID11, Delft                                                                  
Ruud Bakker – ID11, Utrecht                                                            
Holger Nickisch – AiR WG, Amsterdam                      
Gaston ter Horn – M4gastatelier, Amsterdam            
Hannie van den Bergh – Deshima AIR, Amsterdam            
Maud Aarts – Buitenwerkplaats, Starnmeer
Frederique van Rijn – artist-in-residence
Dorine Holman – Literair agent, Noordwijk, AiR program Schrijvershuisje  
Lotte Geeven - DutchCulture|TransArtists, Amsterdam
Heidi Vogels - DutchCulture|TransArtists, Amsterdam

Next meeting to be announced.

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