Bliz-aard Ball Sale (1983) David Hammons

cape Farwell expedition

"Climate change is a reality. Caused by us all, it is a cultural, social and economic problem and must move beyond scientific debate. Cape Farewell is committed to the notion that artists can engage the public in this issue, through creative insight and vision. The Arctic is an extraordinary place to visit. It is a place in which to be inspired, a place which urges us to face up to what it is we stand to lose." David Buckland, 2007

David Buckland is an artist and Director of Cape Farewell. Since 2001 David Buckland has created and now directs the Cape Farewell project, bringing artists, scientists and educators together to collectively address and raise awareness about climate change.

current expedition: 19 August – 8 Sept 2013
Sea Change sets sail with two crews of artists and scientists from Orkney to Shetland via Fair Isle. Follow the crew and read all about it here


The AiR Collection - the water cycle

The AiR Collection - the water cycle



Interested in the way water moves artist Rachel Duckhouse discusses in this video the flow patterns and interconnections of water systems in Calgary that inspired her exhibition ONLY FLOW. Informed by conversations and site visits with specialists in engineering, fluid mechanics and ecology she constructs her own flow visualizations and reveals a hidden world of imagined pattern and rhythm.

Watershed+ residencies are meant for national and international creative practitioners working on issues relevant to the watershed in Calgary to develop, experiment and make new work. These residencies are driven by a time of research for the artist to build understandings and respond to these issues, enabling imaginative responses and engagements with the watershed. The residencies complement the initiatives where artists are part of design teams by presenting and facilitating the value of creative practitioner looking independently and through their practice at issues relevant to Calgary’s watershed and water management.

Aquatic research

EAWAG; one of world’s leading aquatic research institutes invites artists in residence in their labs through the program Artists in Labs, in Swizerland. Current artist in residence is Neha Thakar. The proposed project Encircling the circling for the EAWAG emerges form the artist’s ongoing practice focusing on transcience, transformation, communities, memories and visualisation using ice. Read more about the project

Images above are research footage provided by EAWAG.


In a unique project that aims to bring together different disciplines, Dr John Wedgwood Clarke who is a poet, editor and teacher will spend the next year at the Centre for Environmental and Marine Sciences to create a dialogue between science and art. It is hoped that John will reveal the life of the department to itself, he will be the eyes and ears of the department, collecting voices, making observations, detailing images and events. This distance and clarity of insight will allow him to say things that are not usually said, and to connect people who may not realise just how much they have in common. He will also be able to connect threads of thought and activity between different disciplines across the Campus.(...)

John: "Both poets and scientists name the world in order to share it with others. How they do it may differ, but at heart, the best of them study the world around them and try to see knew things in the old familiar world, whether that be by looking in a rock pool or talking about love. New poetic metaphors are made by connecting previously unrelated material, and scientific developments are often made when different, previously discrete disciplines, are allowed to intersect and share their different ways of conceptualising the world. Bringing poetry and science together allows the two disciplines to refresh each other by exchanging their techniques and values. This is an exciting, timely project, and I am delighted to have the opportunity to learn from new colleagues and students and to share what I’ve learnt.” read the full article here

All about the residency


(Left images from Francis Alÿs: Paradox of Praxis 1, video, Mexico City 1997)

Mister Francis Alÿs pushing a block of ice through the streets of Mexico City. He is on the artist council of SOMA located in in this city. Since its inception, SOMA has been an important alternative to the existing dynamics of the art-education system in Mexico. Responding to the educational endeavor of the organization, the SOMA Residency Program has been running since 2010. Participants have the opportunity to develop their work as well as to get familiar with the Mexican art scene.

The SOMA residency program facilitates the opportunities that can arise through networking among different cultural agents and residencies.



Snowfall is a durational audio-visual performance by Yann Novak; a multi-disciplinary artist living and working in Los Angeles. It explores the hushed stillness and isolation sometimes experienced during a snowstorm. Presented over 6 hours, the audience is allowed to come and go as they please. This affords the viewer a more personal experience with the piece, which explores audience as a form of dispersal. Snowfall was constructed using photographs and field recordings collected at the Jentel Artist Residency outside Banner, WY.

This program welcomes visual artists in painting, printmaking (lithography press only), drawing, sculpture in mixed media, installation artists, photographers (no dark room facilities) and writers in non fiction, fiction, poetry and playwriting.

A weather worn wooden barn was reconstructed as a cabin to house two studios for writers. A pole barn, a typical metal ranch outbuilding, is outfitted with good ventilation and lighting to accommodate four artists with large studios, high ceilings and maximum wall space.


The steaming city of Beppu contains eight major geothermal hot spots, which are sometimes referred to as the eight hells of Beppu. Here the residency Beppu project is located. An International Artist in Residence program for artists in the music field and the contemporary art field (visual arts and performing arts). Artists will be invited to realize a new art project, or a workshop with Beppu citizens, or talk series.


Sam Green is a San Francisco-based documentary filmmaker spent one-week as artist-in-residence at EMPAC working on the first stages of video post-production of his latest documentary Fog City. Fog City is a 30-minute experimental documentary about fog in San Francisco.

This might seem like an unlikely topic for a movie—for many San Franciscans, the fog that blankets the city between May and September is a nuisance, a clammy shroud that blots out the sun and robs the city of a real summer—but the fog can be a profoundly interesting visual phenomenon, and it is often breathtakingly beautiful.


Berndnaut Smilde Nimbus II, 2012, Hotel Mariakapel, Hoorn (photo: Cassander Eeftinck Schattenkerk)

Hotel Mariakapel is an artist-run residency and project space in the old town of Hoorn, just 34 km north of Amsterdam. The programme involves artists and curators working in a wide range of media, mainly focusing on installation and context based work and video.

 Guests are hosted in in a 17th century warehouse nearby, which has 4 separate guest rooms. Hotel Mariakapel is an energetic meeting- and work place for international as well as Dutch visual artists, who work together or individually in the chapel or wider surrounding. Work periods can last up to 2 months and result in an exhibition.


Experience by sound artist Andra McCartney

When: May 2009

Where: Deep Wireless/CBC Outfront commissioning/residency

"I was inspired by recently viewing the film The Water Front, a documentary about water privatisation. At the end of a rainstorm in July, I ran out of my house and put various items under the eaves -- metal boxes, plastic buckets, wooden bowls -- and recorded the raindrops hitting these surfaces. I used this recording along with the bass and voice tracks of the song "Please Mr Waterman", composed by bluesman Joe L. Carter for this film, to create a remix. My piece for Deep Wireless will extend this remix to include clips from the film and other water recordings from my collection.

A soundwalk artist, who works with her own field recordings to create works that explore the social ecology of soundscapes. Her sound works are available on CD anthologies produced by the Canadian Electroacoustic Community (Montréal), Terra Nova (MIT), Musicworks (Toronto), Deep Wireless (Toronto), Canadian Society for Independent Radio Production (Ottcation Studies at Concordia University, teaching Sound in Media."


Cabin-Time is a roaming creative residency to remote places. upcoming residency: CT5

(call closed but good to keep an eye on the next location)


Cabin-Time: Green River will take 15 creatives to the Green River in Eastern Utah. Residents will meet in town on Saturday, August 24 and will return Saturday, August 31. Note by the team: "We will be stationed in and around a 100+ year old stone house on the banks of the river, 11 miles north of the city in Desolation Canyon."


Chalk Hill Artist Residency is now accepting applications for 2014.This Residency Program supports artists in their creative process and the development of new works while offering the time and space to be immersed in a natural setting. They provide artists working in diverse media with housing and workspace at Warnecke Ranch and Vineyards, located on the Russian River. (on the image left)

aims:To encourage and support the highest quality creative output in all media through the residency. To provide a space for exchange and interaction between residents and the Sonoma County arts and cultural community with the programs and events.



Autumn on the Monmouthshire & Brecon Canal, image by canal river trust

what: launch of a brand new artist in residence programme in partnership with the Arts Council of Wales at the Royal Welsh Show

When: The first two residencies will start in 2013 with a six-month residency on the Monmouthshire & Brecon Canal and a year-long residency on the waterways of the Welsh Marches. On the Monmouthshire & Brecon Canal, the appointed artist will work within the Blaenavon World Heritage Site and the Brecon Beacons National Park, working with the local community, boaters, cyclists, walkers, paddlers and businesses to stimulate the creation of a hub of activity at Goytre Wharf.

The second, year-long, residency will see an artist responding to the mix of architecture, engineering and people in six countries, including England and Wales, where waterways cross national borders in Europe. The artist will connect with major European arts and waterways events, raising the international profile of Wales’ canals and rivers.

how to apply: In order to bring artistic excellence to the programme, a professional curator will be engaged to research and manage the call out to artists for the residencies, so wait a bit untill the call is out. Please keep an eye on the website for updates and calls


We see Winner of the 2005 Turner Prize, Simon Starling feeding the boat to its own engine’s boiler. (Images provided by Cove Park)

As a result of a research residency at Cove Park residency in 2006, the artist created a major work Autoxylopyrocycloboros. The work took the form of a circular, entropic voyage on the waters of Loch Long. The boat that made this voyage, a 20ft long clinker-built wooden craft called Dignity, was salvaged form the sea bed and restored fully by its previous owner. Fitted at Cove Park with a single cylinder, marine steam engine, Dignity served as both vessel and fuel for Autoxylopyrocycloboros as, piece-by-piece, plank-by-plank, the boat was fed to its own engine’s boiler. Like the age-old alchemical symbol for eternal renewal, the Ouroboros (the tail devouring snake) the boat, in an attempt to keep moving, consumed itself and ultimately returned to the deep waters of the Loch.


Cheng Long Wetlands 

International Environmental Art Project 

This residency is for artists from around the world to create site-specific environmental sculpture installations focused on environmental issues working with the community and local elementary school students. Artists from all countries are invited to send a proposal for a site-specific outdoor sculpture installation to be created during the 26-day artist in residency. The selected artists will work with elementary school children and community residents to create large-scale sculpture installations focused on the theme of “What’s for Dinner?” The artworks should reflect on environmental issues surrounding food production and emphasize organic aquaculture. Artworks will be in village public spaces, on abandoned buildings, and in the wetlands nature preserve, and artists will use recycled materials and natural materials to create their artworks that will stay on exhibition during one year.

Multi Media, Sculpture
English and Chinese
Cheng Long village and wetlands, Kuoho Township, Yunlin County, Taiwan (on the southwestern coast of Taiwan)
about 1 month usually in April