AIR Array: Perspectives on Artist in Residence Programmes

AIR Array: Perspectives on Artist in Residence Programmes

Art Motile is very happy to announce the release of the publication, AIR Array: Perspectives on Artist in Residence Programmes which compiles the content developed during the event AIR ARRAY: Meeting of Artist in Residence Programmes and Mobility Workshop for Artists which was held at Matadero Madrid and Casa de Velázquez - Académie de France à Madrid in March 2015.

The origins of this event date back to the 2013 conference Artist in Residence Programmes and Mobility for Artists: Opportunities and Challenges, organised by Art Motile with the collaboration and sponsorship of the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Gas Natural Fenosa in A Coruña. This event brought together artists, freelance cultural managers, directors of AIR programmes, information platforms, and think tanks working in the field of residency programmes for artists. One of the issues that came up in the debates that took place at the A Coruña conference was the need for more spaces where Spanish AIR programmes can gather, work, and share knowledge, as well as connecting with similar programmes, platforms and networks at the international level. Conference delegates also specifically mentioned the importance of inviting artists to participate in these spaces for meeting and debate.

Based on this experience, Matadero Madrid invited Art Motile to co-organise a meeting of AIR programmes and a mobility workshop for artists in Madrid. The aim of the two organisations was to generate an open working space in which participants (around 80 people over the three days, including artists, cultural managers, directors of residencies, representatives of networks and platforms, cultural think tanks, and public institutions) could meet face to face, exchange experiences and share knowledge, identify common interests and problems, and further explore some specific aspects of AIR programmes

You can download the publication for free in English and in Spanish  (PDF file, 71 MB approx).

The publication is issued under the Creative Commons Non-Commercial Share Alike license so don't hesitate to share it with whomever you want. Enjoy reading!

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