2021 at Triangle France - Astérides

2021 at Triangle France - Astérides

Triangle France - Astérides is a 26 years old non-profit contemporary visual art organization based in “Friche la Belle de Mai”, a former tobacco factory in the center of Marseille, where it supports artists and serves diverse and expanding audiences. Triangle France - Astérides develops a yearly program of exhibitions, public events, and new commissions, as well as highly respected residencies and studio programs dedicated to Marseille-based, French, and international artists; supporting artistic research, experimentation and production. Since its founding in 1994, it has established itself as one of France’s most innovative organizations supporting French and international artists who have not yet had wide public exposure or critical acceptance from a broader public, by establishing long-term relationships with them to collaborate in the development, production and presentation of significant new projects.

The residency provides:

  • An individual 60 sqm studio space.
  • An individual room in a 90 sqm apartment (common areas with other residents: living room, kitchen, bathroom, Wifi).
  • 1 000 euros artist fee. Prior to the residency, Triangle France - Astérides is available to assist the selected artists in their additional fundraising endeavours.
  • Administrative, logistical and curatorial assistance.
  • Studio visits with professionals are organised by Triangle France - Astérides during the residency.

To apply send your application in PDF (less than 15 MB) to: [email protected] with deadline 27th April 2020. Email subject and the name of the file must be as follows: “SURNAME_NAME_2021_SESSION1_”, “SURNAME_NAME_2021_SESSION2” or “SURNAME_NAME_2021_SESSION3” according to the chosen session. The requested documents must be condensed in only one PDF file. The portfolio must include:

  • Images of the work (15 pages maximum)
  • Texts informing and presenting the work
  • Full résumé (CV)
  • Cover letter (a specific project proposal is not required)
  • Information sheet completed
  • For videos, internet links (vimeo or youtube for exemple) will be accepted
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