1 month
Paid by host 

The artist will receive a stipend of 1000USD. 

Paid by artist 

The artist will have to cover travel expenses, social security and food. The artist also has to take care of a car for traveling to and within the park.  

Application guidelines 

U.S. veterans should apply through this form. All other artists should apply through this form

Rural No studio

Big Bend National Park Artist in Residence

Big Bend National Park Artist in Residence


Residency in the river country of Texas, adjacent and across the river from two Mexican National Parks. All artists are encouraged to apply, as the Big Bend National Park Artist in Residence program is designed for all artists to pursue their particular art form while surrounded by the inspiring landscape and history of Big Bend National Park. The prospective candidate must present a cohesive body of work, a complete application including their resume, biography and proposal of their residency project and how it reflects and may be inspired park resources. All candidates must have merit and/or experience in at least one of the following areas: two dimensional artwork, sculpture, music, linguistics, writing, performance art, film, and/or ethnographic fine art, or any other appropriate artist medium. It offers two residency program: one open for all artists and one for U.S. veterans only.

The Big Bend National Park Artist-in-residence is part of the National Parks Arts Foundation: a non-profit foundation offering residency programs, museum in-loan programs, and workshops in conjunction with a selection of national parks in the U.S.


Artists will present, at minimum, one 1-hour public program, workshop, concert or lecture during their residency at Big Bend National Park. This can be presented either at the park facilities or another venue as deemed appropriate by NPAF and NPS. The participating artists may donate an original piece of work inspired by their residency in Big Bend National Park

Accommodation Information 

The housing is shared consists of a private area for each resident and common areas. There are two bathrooms in the space. The housing is lightly furnished, and the residents must bring their own linens.  Occupants must sign a housing agreement with NPS. Wifi and internet are not available but artists may make arrangements for internet service while they are at the Park. Cellphone service is very spotty and uncertain.

Studio Information 

There is no studio available for the 2016 residency program. 

Technical Information 

If international, the artist must have all the proper INS and Homeland Security paperwork for the program of their own accord. If needed, the foundation will help as much as possible.


Founded in 1944, Big Bend National Park is a United States National Park located in the U.S. State of Texas on the United States-Mexico border at the most dramatic meanders of the Rio Bravo/Rio Grande. The park covers 800,000 acres and comprises river canyons, Chihuahuan desert vistas, old mine buildings and other structures, and stunning rock formations and varied, multicolored geology. There are also an extensive variety of ruins and other evidence of thousands of years of human habitation in the Rio Grande valley. Despite its harsh desert environment, Big Bend has more than 1200 species of plants (including 60 cactus species), over 600 species of vertebrates, and about 3600 insect species. The Park is also a world biosphere reserve and is one of the 10 places in the world certified for Dark Sky Stargazing. Guides are available locally for both backpacking and rafting.

PO Box 129
Big Bend National Park
-, TX 79834-0129
United States

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