Week 1: Introduction

Week 1: Introduction

This is the first week of a three-month residency at SSamzie Space in Seoul. I arrived the 4th of April, the time of spring and so the time of the blossoms. Ssamzie Space is a non-profit organization set up by a fashion company to provide artists studio spaces in time of the economical crisis in 1997. Many alternative art spaces in Seoul originated from that time.

There are ten artists studio?s of which three studios are part of the three-month residency program. These first weeks of April the Korean artists are slowly settling in their studios for the one-year program. Foreign artists are offered the assistance of a volunteer. And so last weeket Cho. Cho obtained her master degree in Art History. Besides her job at a museum in Seoul, she will be helping me to get around the practical matters during my stay. I feel privileged. Ssmazie Space also provides the artists with personal cards, as this is the way to efficiently exchange contact details and meet people. As I noticed they are very useful and my collection of cards is growing fast.

Ssamzie Space is located in the Hongik University Area, just west of down town Seoul. It is a very lively area with streets full of small clothing shops, bars, clubs, restaurants and many artists and students with a strong fashion feel.

Distances are quite far as it seems to me. When I'm told a walk of the distance to a next metro stop will take thirty minutes, I end up strolling the streets for at least twice a long. So, yesterday I made my first buy. I got myself a beautiful silver bicycle. It wont bring me to the other end of Seoul, but it will be a pleasure riding it around the block!