Summer Studios residency at ArtEZ

Summer Studios residency at ArtEZ

The ArtEZ Master of Theatre Practices (MTP) welcomes applications to the Summer Studios residency programme between August 19th and 31st. They are looking for 6 international artists in the field of theatre, dance and performance, who are currently developing a specific artistic project, or look for an opportunity to deepen their ongoing artistic research. They welcome choreographs and theatre makers, as well as curators, scenographers, dramaturgs, or writers in the field of the performing arts, such as playwrights or academics.

The organizers value that residents take the opportunity of the residence to focus on an ongoing artistic project or a research trajectory, to develop further its potential, and devise its next steps. To support this development, they offer the mentorship of a distinguished artist or researcher in the field of the performing arts who will accompany the residence, stimulate the process of research and feedback on the outcomes of the work period. The work during the residency period does not have to result in a public performance — although they are happy to create conditions for you to share your findings. However, they do ask residents to join in a public event where they can introduce themselves, their artistic work and the project of research they are working on during the residency. 

The MTP offers great working studio spaces, the mentorship of a guest artist, the organization of the public moment as well as it's photo and video documentation, communicating on the artists in residence across our network. They don’t provide accommodation but will help you finding a place to stay.

The attendance fee of the residency program is 350€. This includes registration in the programme, usage of studio space, individual mentoring for artistic development, technical support, documentation of process and presentation, and communication about residents and their work on the MTP network. Artists are responsible for costs around production and travel, and MTP will support the artist with referral letters in case they are appling for funding with other organizations.

Applicants need to fill in the online Application Form where it is asked that they present themselves and detail the artistic project or research that will be developed in the Summer Studios. The deadline for submitting applications is May 10th. After the application is received, a panel within the MTP reviews it and a selection is made. Within two weeks time, they will inform applicants about the outcome of the selection procedure.