Sneak Diary

Sneak Diary

Trans Artists monthly A-I-R mail /no. 22/

Dear Diary,

It keeps track of time passing by, reoccurring thoughts, it makes sure you were there and it really happened. An art journal offers space to jot down those thing not to forget.

Ronny Delrue: " I consider my diary notes as an immediate reproduction of my thoughts. It is a breeding ground for new plastic art as well as for preliminary studies with regard to future concepts. Images that well up out of the deepest sense of being show portraits of the mind, the process of thinking and reflecting..."

On Sunday it rained

Daily diaries come and go in Kamiyama, written by various members of the Kamiyama community.

"Hello and welcome to my studio.  Ok, it’s a garage."

Dairy by month during the residency at Paine Art Center

2 weeks in the mountains

Diary in research center

Deborah Robinson, Artist in Residence online diary from 2004 at Egenis in the UK, research center with a range of perspectives from social science, biology, and philosophy.

Postcards from the Road

The Silk Road Ensemble serves as artists in residence at Harvard University and Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). Annual residencies are designed to encourage intensive, multidisciplinary artistic and intellectual collaborations and to expand the scope of audience participation beyond a concert-tour format. Inspired by the cultural traditions of the historical Silk Road, the Silk Road Project is a catalyst, promoting innovation and learning through the arts. Its vision is to connect the world's neighborhoods by bringing together artists and audiences around the globe.

  • What: RISD Residency
  • Where: Rhode Island, U.S.A
  • When: April 4-10, 2008
  • Website