Seoul Art Space Geumcheon 2017

Seoul Art Space Geumcheon 2017

A printing factory located at Doksan-dong, Geumcheon-gu was turned into Seoul Art Space_GEUMCHEON, which is a new concept art space aimed to be both an international residency and a joint project studio where experiments are made on global aesthetics and local characteristics, as one of Seoul Art Spaces.

The application for 2017 is open to Visual and New Media Artists. Individuals and groups of maximum two artists per group are eligible to apply. The following support is offered to international artists:

  • Exemption of the hostel charges and space fee
  • Financial aid for round airplane tickets per person (when residing as a team, only one of team member will be supported). Candidates who have been staying in Korea can’t be supported with airplane tickets.
  • Accommodation (Single room per person, double room per group)

Common support for International and Korean artists:

  • Studio (1 room per person/team)
  • 1 on 1 expert criticism program
  • Partial production cost supported when having an exhibition at Seoul Art Space_Geumcheon
  • PR supported during the residency period.
  • Liberal use of the Media Lab, Warehouse (large workspace), equipment room, seminar room, kitchen and etc.

Unfortunately, Seoul Art Space GEUMCHEON cannot support the activities of the artists in various ways. Artists need to be aware that they will have to solve many inconveniences during the residency (for example: translation, interpretation, material purchase, artwork installation, research support and etc.). Obligations for the international artists:

  • Usage of studio for at least 15 days every month
  • Selected artist is obligated to participate in the artist presentation(s) during their period in residence
  • Agreement for posting artwork images, artist’s profile on the residency homepage and blog
  • Agreement for using images of artworks supported by Seoul Art Space_Geumcheon
  • Compliance with the regulations of Seoul Art Space_Geumcheon

Read carefully the application guidelines before applying. Please send the application form to [email protected] with deadline 10th April (in Korean time 16:00).