The Sea sneak

The Sea sneak

At the place where all stops, the shore at the end of land. A place to reconsider, that offers the view on water and sky. At this border area of land and water many residencies are located, windows facing towards the sea.

An oceanfront cottage on a remote shore without electricity

A residency and retreat house in the unspoiled beauty of the Azores islands, which offers artists and writers from around the world an opportunity to focus on their craft free from distractions and worries of daily life.

Footpaths to Creativity Center

Cape Town

Greatmore Studios was established in November 1998 in Woodstock, Cape Town, in response to a critical need for studio space and art-making facilities by a cross-section of the city's artists. Fourteen studios are rented as private spaces where local artists work on a full-time basis, based in Cape Town, located at the northern end of the Cape Peninsula. Table Mountain forms a dramatic backdrop to the city bowl, with its plateau over 1,000 m high; it is surrounded by near-vertical cliffs, Devil's Peak and Lion's Head and the Atlantic Ocean.

  • Duration: 3 months (application should be sent at least 6 months in advance)
  • Greatmore Studios

3 Months Off

Since 1981 this Artist-in-Residence program has welcomed many artists to live and work in Altos de Chavon.

This program seeks out participants whose work will be enhanced by interaction with a tropical, Caribbean environment. At the same time, an effort is made to attract artists who are comfortable working in a community setting with open studios. Painters, sculptors, photographers, writers, musicians, and architects can broaden the cultural and intellectual exchange at Altos de Chavon through three-month residencies.

In the Cold Baltic Sea

The Aland Archipelago Guest artist Residence offers artists who want to find inspiration from nature a great opportunity to develop their work. The basic idea behind the creation of this center is to experience a new surrounding for creative work.

Anam Cara

Anam Cara, a year-round Irish retreat for writers and artists is a tranquil spot set to nurture and to provide sanctuary for those who create. Whether you choose to live in the community with others or seek seclusion in the fully equipped adjacent flat, you will find support, creature comforts, and peace - all you need to produce your best work.

Anam Cara is overlooking Coulagh Bay and the mountains and farmlands of sub-tropical Beara Peninsula in West Cork.

Seaside Institute

Artists in the "Escape to create" program, hosted by The Seaside Institute, spend one month working on their creative projects in an individual cottage or apartment donated by homeowners in Seaside and adjacent communities.