A Residency in the Chinese Countryside - an Image Story

A Residency in the Chinese Countryside - an Image Story

Antenna was warmly welcomed by Frog Wing, the artist and program manager of Lijiang Studio. This residency is located at Lashihai in the town of Hainan, on the south end of Lashi lake. The residency is immediately adjacent to a local family’s house.

Miss Frog Wing shows the way around the residency.

The residency has very strong ties with the local community.
In the small town of Hainan, Frog and the residents visit the local elderly home.

A surprise music rehearsal of the local elderly of Hainan.

The beautiful Lashi lake is just a 10 minutes walk from the residency. Lashi Lake lies on the southern slope of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and 10 km from Lijiang Old Town, and is part of the Lijiang – Lashihai Plateau Wetland Nature Reserve. It is a home for migrant birds. Thousands of birds stay here over winter every year. It is also the origin of the Ancient Tea Horse Road.

Dinner for the residents is prepared by the family next door. The residency currently has 4 small double private bedrooms, and a dormitory with 4 beds. The residency also has a shared kitchen and eating area, two showers, two sinks, and a special dry composting toilet. As it occupies a traditional family dwelling (see above), living and working space has limited privacy. Meals are provided, as is wireless internet. 

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