Residency programs at Kultivera

Residency programs at Kultivera

Kultivera is a cultural organization based in Tranås working with networking and interactions creating cultural exchange locally, nationally and internationally. Currently they have two open calls and the applications are open to contemporary artists. The residency offers a valuable support structure for emerging and mid career artists, and brings socially and critically engaging contemporary work to the local community.

Studio Bibliotek AiR 2018 - deadline 15 March, 2018: Studio Bibliotek is a four week residency programme based on the idea of making public spaces more accessible to arts and artists. And the arts to public spaces and people. During this four week programme the selected artist is expected to produce an artwork that could be displayed within the modest means of the library building. The artist has the right to work, perform or exhibit during two weeks of the program; the first and the last weeks will be about preparations and deinstalling.
The works do not have to be related to books and/or book making, but are expected to be related to the city and/or library in Tranås and must be in tune with the atmosphere of the library.

Eligibility: The residency is open to contemporary artists. There is one place available in the residency. Artists must be able to cooperate when providing images and documentations (photography, interviews etc), participate in public pragrams (talks, outreach programs, workshops etc). And must stay in Tranås during the designated time of the residency.                                                                                     

Support: Kultivera provides individual rooms for accommodation, and twenty-four hours access to both studios and facilities. Kultivera cover all costs, meals etc. during your stay at the residency and provide individual spaces and utilities.

Costs: The organizers cover all costs after arrival. The artist need to fund travel to and from the residency.

FUR: Residency and Exhibition 2018 - deadline 12 March, 2018: In connection to the "European Cultural Heritage year 2018", Tranås municipality and Kultivera are now welcoming applications from contemporary artists for a themed artistic residency programme and exhibition using the cultural heritage of Tranås – a small town in Småland with approximately 19 000 inhabitants, as a focal point. The project will focus on creating contemporary art in response to the Working Life Museum in Tranås called Pälsmuseum (Fur museum).

Tranås was renowned for its thriving industrial fur production during the 1890s to about 1980.The cultural heritage of this period can be experienced in the museum which opened in 2004. The museum exhibits the processes of fur making – from tanning the hides to the chemical treatments and the manufacture of clothing.The Pälsmuseum has not altered its exhibitions since it opened and the purpose of the residency is for the artist to take the theme of the exhibition into a new perspective and create a thought provoking contrast to its current state and content. There are multifarious perspectives connected to the theme of fur, such as the industry itself, animal rights and violence, fashion design and sustainability, social status, fur as a protective layer, labour, economy, urban development, among many others - and it is up to the artist what approach he/she shall adopt for the residency. The exhibition will be curated by Katarzyna Pagowska from Kultivera and Sofia Östlund from Tranås municipality and will be on view in Eriksbergs museum.

Eligibility: Applications are open to contemporary artists. Artists must be able to cooperate by providing images and documentations (photography, interviews etc), participate in public programs (talks, outreach programs, workshops etc), and must stay in Tranås during the designated time of the residency.

Support: a studio room, living space, food allowance, an exhibition fee of 5700 SEK for one month and a modest amount for material costs. Domestic travels with public transport upon arrival and departure from and to airport/train station to the residency in Tranås will be covered.

Costs: The selected artist will be responsible for his/her international travel and health insurance costs.