Res Artis meeting at Kooshk in Tehran, Iran

Res Artis meeting at Kooshk in Tehran, Iran

Res Artis, the international network of artist residencies, is organising its first meeting in the Middle East hosted by Kooshk Residency in Tehran, Iran from November 21-25.

The meeting will take place under the title “Roots and Routes: Challenges and Opportunities of Connectivity”. Through a number of panels, roundtable discussions and workshops sessions, the meeting will give the opportunity to artists, residency organisers and networks such as On the Move or China Residencies to meet and exchange on the importance of artists’ pathways and connectivity of residencies.

We are delighted to attend this meeting and have the opportunity to discuss further the importance of regional and international networks. This session will take place on November 24th and will focus on the following questions: What are the benefits of joining local, regional and international networks? What are the differences and similarities? How can we work more closely together to strengthen the field overall? What are the opportunities and challenges in wearing ‘multiple hats’ working with different organisations simultaneously?

Other speakers in this panel include Kira Simon-Kennedy (China Residencies and Res Artis Board Member), Alessio Antoniolli (Gasworks and Triangle Network), Lisa Hoffman (Alliance of Artists Communities) and Leena Vuotovesi (Micropolis Ltd. and President of the Board of Res Artis).

Registration for the meeting has been extended - have a look on Res Artis website for more information!