Recession !

Recession !

No money? No problem. We selected a hand full of opportunities to work abroad that are within reach for those of you without money. Providing you with a roof, food and artistic context these residencies form a warmhearted lee in times of financial crises.

Show: Zachary Formwalt - The Form of Practical Memory


Kunsthalle Basel presents in 2009 The Form of Practical Memory, the first major individual exhibition by the American artist Zachary Formwalt.

The exhibition’s title borrows from one of Walter Benjamin’s passages: “Sammeln ist eine Form des praktischen Erinnerns” (“Collecting is a form of practical memory”). Formwalt’s work looks at the possibility of giving form to immaterial ideas and materializing processes whose internal workings usually remain obscure while their results can be seen and felt by everyone. How historical memory functions and fails, how the economy works and collapses, and how the two can be intertwined in still photographic images and film are the key questions in Formwalt’s work.

Question: No Money No Problems

Extract from the recessionart interview. Recession Art is a new arts organization devoted to helping emerging artists show and sell their work.

What keeps you going as an artist through economic hardship?

Artist Danielle Scruggs "There are a few things that keep me motivated as a photographer. I hope to give people insight into how I see myself, how I see my world, and hopefully inspire other people to become a little more vulnerable as well. I also take photos to explore-the world around me, the people in it, the strange, sad, tragic, or thrilling happenstances. I take photos to try to make sense of why this world is the way that it is, and to try to make sense of my reactions to it. That won't stop, regardless of my economic situation."


Visual Eco-critisism: Katie Kurtz in conversation with artist in residence Barry Underwood at Headlands Center for the Arts. Produced by Max Rosenblum.

What does the green movement mean for art and vice versa? Bay Area writer and environmentalist Katie Kurtz considers this question via a practice she has coined “visual eco-criticism.” The term visual eco-criticism is a lens through which to analyze environmentally-related art and to consider visual art and visual culture from an “eco-critical” perspective. For several years, Kurtz has been engaged with questions of how visual culture impacts the environmental movement and the affects of the green movement on visual art. During a short Program Residency at Headlands this summer, Kurtz will develop the concept of visual eco-criticism through an essay starting a formal conversation around these ideas. Kurtz considers the work of photographer Barry Underwood (AIR ’09), German installation artist Christel Dillbohner, and multidisciplinary, San Francisco-based artist Christine Lee as case studies to directly test her thesis. 

Union Bank Arts Centre

Union Bank Arts Centre residency is based in the former Union Bank, a building of great heritage significance, constructed in 1865 at the height of the gold rush in Victoria. It is the earliest surviving bank building in historic Fraser Street, Clunes, and banks elsewhere in Victoria followed its characteristic design.


Paid by host

A selection of residencies worldwide that do not require payment to stay, and in some cases offer an extra budget or stipend.

Caversham Centre for Artists and Writers

LandArt - The garden village of JiuXian

Arcus Project

Art Studio Changdong & Goyang

KAIR- Kamiyama Artist in Residence