RE-tooling Residencies Conference, Warsaw

RE-tooling Residencies Conference, Warsaw

November 16-19, 2009

RE-tooling Residencies was the title of the conference organized by Ujazdowski Castle and Res Artis, as part of the Eastern European Res Artis Meeting. The conference provided a platform for the critical reworking of both existing and emerging residency models in Central and Eastern European countries. Trans Artists was happy to participate, with Erik Hagoort and Yeb Wiersma.

A remarkable high number of young artists and art professionals attended the conference. In total 120 participants joined the conference. Many starting artists and art professionals from different countries from Eastern Europe are busy setting up residential opportunities for colleagues, or planning to do so.

Re-Tooling Residencies was a lively conference, where Trans Artists could learn from, and get into contact with many new initiatives of AiR programs and initiatives in Central and Eastern Europe.

Trans Artists was invited to take part in one of the plenary discussion meetings on Different approaches to residencies. Erik Hagoort was also moderator of this meeting. Yeb Wiersma gave a well attended Trans Artists Workshop. Artists from Warsaw and surroundings participated in the workshop. The conference also was a good opportunity for Trans Artists to meet several partner organizations of the ON-AiR project.

The conference was hosted by the Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw. The program's focus was on the AiR organizations from the eastern regions of Europe, including many speakers of international AiR-programs. More information on the program can still be found at: Program RE-tooling Residencies.

The Re-Tooling Residencies conference was supported by the European Commission.