Radar Sofia Open Call

Radar Sofia Open Call

Radar Sofia is a newly established artist-run residency programme with focus on playwrights and dramaturges, artists at risk facing persecution and exile, and it seeks to support political, socially engaged and experimental contemporary art practices. Radar Sofia runs and coordinates Drama Pact, an informal union of playwrights and dramaturges in Sofia and abroad, and an initiative to support and promote contemporary dramaturgy. 

One playwright / dramaturg / theatre, dance or performance maker will be invited to Sofia to put the beginning of a piece that would reflect critically on a topic related to the 30-year anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall, the collapse of communism and the neoliberal consensus that followed across unified Europe and beyond. They are interested in various positions and points of view towards the East-West division, the current crisis of liberal democracies and the possible ways forward for the future. They expect the selected resident to use their stay in Sofia to research, discuss and understand the local context and how it fits in the larger shifting geopolitical frame. 

The residency period starts on March 15, 2020 (or the days after but in no case later than March 25) and can last between one and four weeks. They offer free accommodation in a shared apartment in central Sofia for between one and four weeks and a stipend of 600 EUR. Travel costs are to be covered by the selected participant with parts of the stipend or with additional funding. Letters of invitation will be provided as well as contacts with local cultural institutes in Sofia. 

The result of the residency could take various forms: publication, talk, lecture, workshop or performance. Involvement of local participants in the project is welcome. Depending on the format, Radar Sofia and the resident will decide on possible partners to present the results of the residency. Radar Sofia may seek to apply for further funding for the development of the project, after the residency has finished, together with the selected artist/company, in case it has shown clear significance for both the context where the applicant comes from and for Sofia.

In order to apply please email the following to [email protected], with deadline 30th December 2019:

  • CV
  • portfolio or list of links to your previous works
  • an outline of your new project you want to develop with them (clearly indicating what is its connection to the East-West theme and Sofia and/or Bulgaria)
  • pay the application fee of 21 EUR (here)