Prologue Workshops Network

Prologue Workshops Network

PROLOGUE expert meeting May 2008

How can art organisations, art schools and arts councils from European countries assist and guide young artists in finding the right opportunities to establish a fruitful international career? How does the young artist find an interesting artist-in-residence programme abroad? How do you apply? What kind of information is needed in the different European regions?

These kind of questions and many more topics were discussed during a two day expert meeting (22-25th of May 2008, NL) with several art administrators from different parts of Europe. Due to the generous support by the City of Enschede Trans Artists was able to invite these experts and organise a two day event 'The Prologue' to discuss the content of a new Trans Artists activity; a 'customised' distinguished workshop which recognises the socio- and geopolitical diversity within Europe.

Workshops and training sessions for art students and emerging artists are part of Trans Artists regular activities. Over the past years 10 years TA developed a training program which is annually presented to students at Dutch art schools in the framework of their professional training. Since art schools and art organisations from abroad have shown lots of interest over the last years to be able to offer such a traning too, the time has come for Trans Artists to develop its education activities within an international context. Therefore Trans Artists invited the following partners to join and contribute to this organised expert meeting and to involve them as future partners to host the European workshop. The European Partners who contributed to the 'Prologue' meeting:

>1. Mr. Pieter Baan Müller, Head Media and Arts Artez Art School (NL)

>2. Mrs. Ika Sienkiewicz-Nowacka, Head of the laboratory residency program, CCA Ujazdowski Castle in Warschau (Poland)

>3. Mrs. Jenny Brownrigg, Curator at the Dundee Jordanstone School for the Arts (UK)

>4. Mrs. Ilgym Veryeri-Alaca, Teacher at the Beykent University in Ankara (Turkey)

>5. Mrs. Aura Corbeanu, Executive director of UNITER in Bucharest (Rumania)

>6. Mrs. Cecilia Borgström-Falt, Arts Administrator of the City of Göteborg (Sweden)

>7. Mrs. Eszter Bircsak, Staff of the Kitchen Budapest Laboratory and Residency Program (Hungary)

>8. Mrs. Maria Tuerlings, Director of Trans Artists, coordinator (NL)

>9. Mrs. Yeb Wiersma, Mentor of the Dutch and EU workshop program by Trans Artists (NL)

'Foreign Correspondents'

The elaborate contributions by the ones mentioned above are of great value to the Trans Artists' staff. Their expertise was necessary to have a more insight view on the regional and local situation when it comes to preparing young artists for their career. Besides all kinds of exchange of information and defining the most interesting content of the workshop the participating organisations have offered their commitment in signing up for a future 'workshop' collaboration. This means that within the upcoming four years each partner will co-organise a educational workshop organised by Trans Artists. At the same time these partners will function as a kind of 'foreign correspondents' and update Trans Artists on the regional situation whenever necessary.

Sustainable encounters

During the expert meeting one of the conclusions was to stress out not only the importance of informing the young artist about how to enter a more international art'scene, but also to strenghten the relation between- and linking up the local artists, art schools, artist-in-residence programs with the more international ones; by doing so, both scenes will profit from each other in the best possible ways! Trans Artists will organise its first EU workshop in collaboration with the Romanian organisation UNITER in November 2008 in Bucharest.

Trans Artists wants to express its gratitude to all partners for joining the infromal conference and for contributing their expertise. Thank you Ilgym, Cecilia, Eszter, Jenny, Aura, Ine, Pieter Baan, Peter and Ika! And special thanks to Mr. Harry Molenkamp en Mrs. Angela Groothart of Culture Department if the City Council of Enschede welcome and host us as their guests!

Amsterdam, August 2008