Production residency at movin’ bröllin

Production residency at movin’ bröllin

movin’ bröllin awards a seven-week production residency to a dance company, a choreographer or a newly reformed choreographer team. Based on a project proposal, the residency offers time and space for artistic work, in a calm and creative atmosphere at the castle of Bröllin. The aim of the residency is to enable a close connection of choreographic praxis, research/inquiries, artistic production and qualification. The residency contains working space, accommodation, meals, scholarship money (such as a production budget), and an accompanying advice program. At the completion of the residency the dance company or choreographer(s) present a full-length feature production in cooperation with Theater Vorpommern, to be shown over six nights at four locations in the region. The project proposal must reference the region of Vorpommern.

Terms of reference:

  • the residency is open to artists from all areas of the world
  • the residency is open to a company with a maximum of 5 artists, comprised of at least three dancers / performers on stage
  • the applicants should have already realized several full-length projects
  • the project proposal must be a new production
  • the premiere must take place in Vorpommern
  • the production must reference the region of Vorpommern
  • the premise for the sponsorship is a professional mode of work and a visible artistic idea with a wilful, interesting approach of implementation
  • it is preferable if the applicants apply for further funding or coproducers for the project. For groups of artists who are already funded by the german federal funds, it must be checked on a case-by-case basis whether the funds are compatible.
  • it is preferable if the applicants are able to stage the project at further potential locations
  • residency companies are required to mention movin’ bröllin, TANZPAKT and all supporters in all publications concerning the funded project

The production residency contains:

  • working spaces, studios and use of technical equipment for the seven-week duration
  • mentoring, dramaturgic support and more qualification offers
  • accommodation in shared rooms for a maximum of five persons
  • full lodging of the artists group
  • reimbursement of travel expenses at the appropriate rate
  • 200,00€ Weekly scholarship grant per artist
  • 5000,00€ total production budget (set, costumes, music, video, etc)
  • six performances at four locations in Vorpommern, with a €170,00 salary per person per show, as well as accommodation and travel expenses
  • photography and video documentation of the productions

To apply for the residency, please submit the following documents by August 15th 2018 to : [email protected] or by mail to : movín' bröllin, Bröllin 3, 17309 Fahrenwalde, Germany:

  • Completed application form
  • A letter of motivation, displaying the artist(s) interest and expectations of the residency and the development of their piece.
  • Detailed description of the project, including reference to the region of Vorpommern. This can be historic, social, socio-politic or an other topic connected to the region.
  • Detailed plan of costs and finances, which gives an impression of the overall project, including the funds required by movin’ bröllin (in excel)
  • Links to information about the artist(s) / group, in both press and video format (videos of maximum two projects from the last three years)