Production residence at KKV Luleå

Production residence at KKV Luleå

KKV is an Artist Collective Studio (KKV stands for "Konstnärernas Kollektiv Verkstad") based in Luleå. Among the 21 artistic collective workshops in Sweden, KKV Luleå is one of the largest with very well equipped creative labs. Their workshops are fully equipped with machinery and tools: Graphics, screen printing, silk screen printing/serigraphy, ImageON (light box), enamel, sculpture (plaster, concrete, wax, stone, ceramic), wood, metal castings (bronze, aluminum), monumental spaces, digital art, sewing/embroidery machine.

The residence programme they offer is a production based programme, where the selected artist will have the opportunity to work in the many workshops. The artist will be invited for a week in June 2019 to do research and get to know KKV Luleå (Artist Collective Studio), artists, art institutions and the area. KKV will arrange activity and meetings in the art and cultural context during the stay. KKV Luleå is part of the Swedish Lapland AiR network with residencies in the north of Sweden. Study visits to other partners in the network is possible.
The second part of the residence is two months, September and October 2019.  The artist will work independently according to their needs and interests. Before the second part of the residence the artist has to send in a sketch of work plan, need of workshops, machinery, tools etc. The artist also has to make sure the work material will be in place before coming back in September. During the stay, the organizers would like the artist to present his/her previous work during an 'artist get-to-gather'.

The residence program will provide the artist with:

  • Grant of 2 000 Euros;
  • Travel up to 1 000 Euros;
  • Material up to 500 Euros;
  • Transportation of work up to 200 Euros;
  • Accommodation: Private apartment in the center of Luleå city, about 30 square meters. It’s possible to have up to two guests in the apartment.

NOTE: The work produced during the residence is the artist responsibility and has to be transported out from KKV at the end of the residence program.

Criteria for the applicants:

  • Professional artists with minimum 5 years work experience;
  • Be 35 year or older;
  • Live in Europe (they do not accept applications from Swedish Artists at this open call);
  • Not be enrolled in educational institution during the program period. EXCEPTION: those who are in Ph.D. program are eligible;
  • Be in a state of good health and able to carry out daily activities on his/her own;
  • Have enough English skill to communicate with other artists and studio staff.

To apply, please send the following documents in one PDF file to [email protected], with subject “Residence 2019”. Deadline is 23rd of April, 2019 at midnight:

  • Photos of your previous works/projects, maximum 10 photos and 5 projects.
  • CV
  • Motivation letter, why you would like to come to KKV in Luleå, maximum 1500 words.
  • Address to webpage or other social media
  • Contact info
  • 2 references