PECAH, India

PECAH, India

PECAH- “Program of exchange in culture and art of Himalayas” is an opportunity to exchange ideas and skills with the traditional art forms of Himalayas in Uttrakhand, India. PECAH is dedicated to spread the radical flavor of Uttrakhand’s art form. Artist will come to know the vast cultural palette of the area of this region, where local people will also benefit from this exchange, for “art and artisans have no boundaries”.

Weekly workshops will take place from Monday to Friday, artists are invited to choose four workshops, one per week. The workshop options are: Aipan, Wood Carving, Folk Dance, Folk Music, Patachitra Painting, Cow Dung Painting, Writers Workshop, Embroidery, Stone Carving, Yoga and Meditation, Kumauni Cuisine and Folk Theater. All the materials needed for the workshops will be provided by the residency staff. Saturdays will be work free days and Sundays, fun and celebration days. There will be opportunities for overnight trips to various places of artistic interest to stimulate and enhance the artistic experience.

Workshops take place in shared studios, big open air spaces are also available for workshops, practice and personal projects. The organizers will provide all the art supplies needed to participate in the workshops. Artists are highly recommended to bring along very specific tools and materials needed for special projects. Accommodation will be on a shared basis. Single rooms are available but limited, it will incur and extra cost and needs to be requested on the application. Facilities with regard to hot water for washing clothes, hair and showers, will be basic and involve heating your own water with an immersion rod. Pure filtered water for drinking will be provided and local food will be served by the hotel according to local culture.

The cost of the residency is $1,000 American dollars ($250/week).This cost includes all arrangements of accommodation, meals, airport pick up and transfer to Manila, workshops, entertainment program, and weekend cultural tours (excluding airfare). They ask that the guest artists arrive in Delhi on February 10th between 8am to 3pm. After this time artists must make their own arrangements to the residency place (with an offered guidance).

The documents listed below are to be sent along with the application form, before 28th January 2017:

  • A resume / CV (online or CD).
  • A brief statement, covering interests, art practice and motives to join this residency.
  • 5 images or examples of current practice which represents their artistic abilities. For writers it may be difficult to appraise text due to language barriers. However, we encourage them to give us an idea of their style and inspirations.
  • List choice of four workshops to participate in over the four week period of the residency. 

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