Pépiniéres Österreich and Haus der Architektur

Pépiniéres Österreich and Haus der Architektur

Pépinières Österreich (the french word Pépinière means tree nursery) was founded 1992 and is member of the european network and mobility program „Pépinères“. They offer residencies for european artists (designers and architects) in Graz and they also support and inform young artists interested in mobility and residency programs. During the residency they want to give space to projects focussed on and developped
for Graz or Styria, based on architecture, architects should deal with the city’s characteristics. Architecture meant in broadest sense: urbanistic themes, housing as well as city development, art in public space, gardens and parks, playgrounds, workshops integrating architectonical subjects, interacting projects, discovering new locations ... they want to provide working space, and at the same time link the Graz art scene. Any work created during his/her stay is not necessarily intended to be exhibited, criteria are also research and innovation.

Pépiniéres Österreich is cooperating with Haus der Architektur/House of architecture Graz. In summer and autum 2017 Haus der Architektur is focusing on trigon 67. So this could be one topic of the project. Trigon was a biennial exhibition, inviting selected artists from Italy, former Yugoslavia and Austria, and later extended to the other neighboring states of Austria. The main idea of Trigon was to confront a broad public with the theme of contemporary art. In the Styrian cultural region, the influence of pop culture and, in particular, avant-garde architectural groups such as Archigram (GB) could be read in the temporary architecture of the exhibition Trigon 67 on the site of the Künstlerhaus Graz. The Architects Günther Domenig and Eilfried Huth designed the spectacular "Transformator" exhibition pavilion, thus setting a distinctive sign in public space. In 1967 the Grazer Kunstfestival Trigon focused on environment / ambient and extended the established relationship between object and environment to the artist, the artist and architecture. 2017 the conditions are different again and architecture is more and more catalyst of the relationship man / environment.

Residency time: august to october 2017
For whom: architects (english or german spoken). The selected participants will receive:

  • A working place in an architects atelier or co-working-space
  • Grant 700 Euros/month
  • 300 Euros for project material
  • Accomodation
  • A platform for presentation

Please send your documents (in pfd format) to: [email protected], before 23rd July:

  • Short CV (max 1page A4
  • Portfolio max 3 pages A4
  • Project proposal for Graz max. 2 pages A4
  • Motivation letter

Important info:

  • Austrian citizens and residents of Austria are excluded of the application
  • Applicants have to prove studies in a building culture field (architecture, urban development, urban planning, spatial planning, landscape planning, etc.).
  • They do not refund travel costs
  • They do not offer health insurance