Open call HMK On Shelter

Open call HMK On Shelter

Recently graduated artists, writers, researchers and practitioners from other disciplines, who are based in the Netherlands, can apply for a six-week or one-year residency at HMK’s 2021/2022 year programme ‘On Shelter’. Deadline: 25 May 2020.

On Shelter

Hotel Maria Kapel in Hoorn, was built as a chapel belonging to a 16th-century monastery. For centuries, monasteries functioned as medieval safe houses and centres for intellectual progression. Monasteries welcomed aspiring priests, nuns and monks to study and learn in dialogue with superiors. They ran hospitals and schools to care for their herds, breweries and bakeries to nourish the hungry, offered respite for weary pilgrim travellers. Knowledge of musical notation, medicinal herbs, philosophy and poetry flowed from and was shared between monasteries. 

But monasteries were also hermetic representatives of the knowledge of the elites, communities with the strictest codes of conduct, of right and wrong. Our spaces of care are always double-edged, what constitutes a place of salvation, may not be the opposite for another. While nunneries provided shelters for women in worlds that offered them limited possibilities, offered spiritual communion and intellectual community, they were also home to loneliness, punishment and oppression. Religion harbours terrible trauma. 

Historically, art too has been a space we might escape to, a romantic site of solace and beauty, a space to reflect, recover, regroup, reorientate. Art can hold expressions of rage and dissociation, of regret and rebellion, of screaming into the unknown. While art may have promised us shelter, our art worlds rarely provide any. Our museums, libraries, schools, parks, streets, busses, ocean retreats, mountains and forests, dark rooms, clothes shops – all of them both shelter and threaten, pull and shape us into obedience, embrace, intimidate and reject us. Secular sanctuaries, capitalist havens, safe harbours. 

With this open call, Hotel Mariakapel invites proposals from all kinds of artistic practitioners about where and how we can shelter and be sheltered. What do we need sheltering from in this new time? What would our new shelters look like? What are the politics of sheltering, especially in a politically divided world? Can we imagine shelters that are porous, spiritually and politically, that are in relation and exchange with different worlds? What could our worlds be?

About the residency

Hotel Maria Kapel (HMK) is an artist-in-residence, exhibition space and cinema for contemporary visual art in the city centre of Hoorn. HMK offers two types of residencies: four residencies of six-week duration and one year-long residency without accommodation that unfolds outside of HMK, in the locality of Hoorn or the area of West-Friesland. A residency concludes with a presentation, often in the form of an exhibition, event or publication. 

Residents are offered full and free use of accommodation and living/working facilities. HMK’s studio/exhibition space is located in an early 16th-century chapel, surrounded by a semi-private courtyard. This beautifully tranquil and spacious working environment offers a unique space for reflection, experimentation and production.

The living quarters are placed in a former school building surrounded by artist’s studios. It has a large living space with a kitchen. One artist (or group of artists) per residency. Partners, family and visitors are welcome.

HMK offers a small fee, a small production budget and reimbursement of travel costs to and from the residency.

Read more about Hotel Mariakapel and the full program of Shelter here.